Similar to label_userFunc but allows to return formatted HTML for the label and is used only for the labels of inline (IRRE) records. The referenced user function may receive optional arguments using the formattedLabel_userFunc_options property.



This example is outdated: the UserFileInlineLabelService class has been deprecated with TYPO3 v12.0 and removed with TYPO3 v13.0.

  • Example from table "sys_file_reference":

    'formattedLabel_userFunc' => TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\Service\UserFileInlineLabelService::class . '->getInlineLabel',
    'formattedLabel_userFunc_options' => [
       'sys_file' => [

In this example, getInlineLabel will be called with an array of $parameters which is passed by reference. This array consists of the following keys (and values):

  • table: The table name of the current record

  • row: The database row of the current record

  • isOnSymmetricSide: True if we are looking from the symmetric ("other") side to the relation

  • options: The options configured in TCA - see formattedLabel_userFunc_options

  • parent: Contains another array with the keys uid (referencing the inline child's parent uid) and config (referencing the parent configuration)

  • title: Initialized to an empty string, this is the title that is manipulated by the user function

The resulting title must be written to $parameters['title'].

See also

See class TYPO3\CMS\Core\Resource\Service\UserFileInlineLabelService for how such a user function should be designed and how the options are used.