About This Guide

This guide provides all necessary information to enable you to contribute to the TYPO3 source code.

The main focus is submitting patches (to fix bugs or add new features) to the TYPO3 source code, but you will also find information for writing bug reports, adding documentation, running tests, reviewing and testing patches etc.

How this guide is structured

The guide is structured in a way to give you all necessary information in the order that you need it. This means you can read it from the beginning and use it as a hands on guide, performing the steps as you go along.

The further you go along, the more advanced the topics will become.

But, you can also use it as a reference guide and jump straight to a section you are looking for. In this case, use the search box to search for what you are looking for or browse through the menu.

For example:

  • Create a Patch walks you through making a change in the TYPO3 core (e.g. fix a bug or create a new feature).

The chapters are structured as follows:

  • The chapters in INTRODUCTION give you an introduction. They are not necessary for contribution but will give you some background information which may make some things easier.
  • The chapters in SETUP show how to setup a TYPO3 installation, Git and your accounts for contribution. This is a necessary prerequisite for most actions (e.g. creating a patch), but must be done only once. We recommend to start with this.
  • The chapters in HOWTOS walk you through one task. In most cases, it is assumed that you already setup your environment.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION contains a cheat sheet git cheat sheet, Troubleshooting and the Appendix which is a reference of some topics in more depth than what was described in the main section. These pages near the end of the manual assume that you are already familiar with contributing and serve as reference pages.

Conventions used in this guide

  • When referring to elements in the gui, we use this formatting: Add new SSH key.
  • Keystrokes are referred to by CTRL + c

Other ways to contribute

Besides developing for the TYPO3 core, there are many other ways to contribute and help the TYPO3 community.

You can find general information here:

Contribute to this Guide

If you find a bug in this manual, please be so kind as to check the online version on https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/ContributionWorkflowGuide/. From there you can hit the Edit on GitHub button in the top right corner and submit a pull request via GitHub. Alternatively you can just report an issue on Github.

Maintaining high quality documentation requires time and effort and the TYPO3 Documentation Team always appreciates support. If you want to support us, please join the slack channel #typo3-documentation.

Have a look at Contribute to the TYPO3 documentation for more information about how to contribute to the TYPO3 documentation.

And finally, as a last resort, you can get in touch with the Documentation Team by mail.