Merge patches

The merging process

  1. Prerequisites

    A patch can only be merged if it has received a + 2 vote from a Core Merger. A +2 can be given by the second Core Merger to review the patch positively.

    Merging gets blocked by a single -2 vote.

  2. Submit the patch

    You can merge by clicking the Submit button. The Core Merger to merge the patch also has to do the Backporting if the submit-message requests for a backport.

    The Submit button on a patch in status Ready to submit.

  3. The patch is successfully merged

    When the merging is successful, the Change looks like this:

    The patch in status Merged.

  4. Backport if necessary

    If required in the commit message, do the backport next.

  5. How to revert a submitted change

    There is a Revert button available now. Please stick to the revert workflow if reverting a change should become necessary.