Setting up TYPO3 manually


You will need a Webserver, PHP and database on your system. Look at the page System requirements and also check out the specific system requirements for the current main branch on the Download TYPO3 page.

You will need to set up the prerequisites for your operating system. Look at the following for guidance:

You have cloned the TYPO3 git repository as described in git clone and are in the directory which contains the local Git repository:

shell command
cd /var/www/t3coredev

Create the database

We are assuming you are using MySQL 8.0 and the database should be called t3coredev and you will access it with username typo3 and password somepassword from localhost.

database command
mysql> CREATE DATABASE t3coredev CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci;
mysql> CREATE USER `typo3`@`localhost` identified by `somepassword`;
mysql> GRANT ALL ON t3coredev.* TO `typo3`@`localhost`;


For MySQL versions lower than 8.0 or MariaDB use the collation utf8mb4_general_ci.


shell command in /var/www/t3coredev

Continue ...

You can now access the TYPO3 installation wizard by going to, e.g. http://t3coredev/typo3/. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.