Handle and Improve a Patch (Gerrit)


This chapter assumes your environment is set up properly as described in Contribution Walkthrough Environment Setup

This chapter focuses on handling an existing patch, by reviewing it, modifying it, reverting it etc. If you want to create a new patch, look at Create a Patch.

The code contribution workflow is based on patches and patchsets. A patch can be updated multiple times, adding a new patchset on top. Every patch contains a single commit. If changes are made to a patch, the already existing commit is changed (git commit --amend). How to do this is explained in Upload a new Patch Set

To make sure, every patch applied to the TYPO3 codebase meets highest standards, every patch must be reviewed. Only after at least 2 people have tested the patch and at least 2 people have verified it (one of them must be a member of the core team), can the patch be merged (for more details on voting, see Vote.

Additionally, a suite of tests (unit, functional and acceptance) will automatically run on every patch (set), the results being shown as a +1 or -1 by typo3.com.