Handle and Improve a Patch (Gerrit)

This chapter focuses on handling an existing patch, by reviewing it, modifying it, reverting it etc. If you want to create a new patch, look at Create a Patch.

The code contribution workflow is based on patches and patchsets. A patch can be updated multiple times, adding a new patchset on top. Every patch contains a single commit. If changes are made to a patch, the already existing commit is changed (git commit --amend). How to do this is explained in Upload a new Patch Set

To make sure, every patch applied to the TYPO3 codebase meets the highest standards, every patch must be reviewed. Only after at least 2 people have tested the patch and at least 2 people have verified it (one of them must be a member of the core team), can the patch be merged (for more details on voting, see Vote).

Additionally, a suite of tests (unit, functional and acceptance) will automatically run on every patch (set), the results being shown as a +1 or -1 by typo3.com.