Setup the TYPO3 installation


If you are setting TYPO3 up with DDEV, you can skip this page and jump straight to

You will now need to setup a working installation of TYPO3. There are different ways how you can do this. We provide a few examples in the Appendix:

In any case, use the cloned Git repository as basis (see git clone).

composer install

Run composer install in the same directory you cloned the TYPO3 CMS core repository.

It is recommended to use for this. The "direct command" is an alternative. You only need to run one of these!


This is no longer necessary for the current main branch, but may be necessary for older version (if working in other branches) (see related issue). Composer could not detect the TYPO3 version of your cloned project because there was none. Before you run composer install may need to export the COMPOSER_ROOT_VERSION environment variable. Here you need to set a full version string matching the TYPO3 version of your clone.


# cd <cloned project>
Build/Scripts/ -s composerInstall