Upload a new Patch Set

This chapter handles improving an existing patch. For creating a new patch, see Create a Patch.

  1. Get the latest patchset of the patch

    The latest version of the patch is still in your local git repository. If not, you must cherry-pick the latest patch set from Gerrit as described in Cherry-pick a patch.

  2. Edit files to improve the patch
  3. Add tests (recommended)

    If you add functionality, it is a good idea to add tests.

    See Writing unit tests in TYPO3 Explained for more information about writing Unit Tests.

  4. Test your changes (optional)

    Run the TYPO3 testsuite locally, as described under Using runTests.sh.

  5. Add files and amend to commit

    Update the change by amending the previous commit. This will overwrite the commit you fetched from Gerrit with your changes:

    shell command
    git commit --amend -a

    You can amend as often as you want.

  6. Push your change to Gerrit

    Once you are satisfied, push your improved Patch Set to Gerrit:

    shell command
    git push origin HEAD:refs/for/main