Cloning with SourceTree on Windows

SourceTree General Setup


In order to use SourceTree in Windows PuTTY should be installed and your SSH key loaded into pageant (see Create SSH key on Microsoft Windows).


  1. Download SourceTree at
  2. Execute the installer

Basic Settings

First of all set the basic settings for your Git configuration by clicking on the settings button in SourceTree and add your name, email and SSH Key. Make sure the option "SSH Client" is set to PuTTY/Plink.


To clone a new repository click on "Clone/New".

Enter the URL to your repository and the path to your local folder. For easier access to your repositories leave the bookmark check box checked.

Click on Clone. Checking out the full TYPO3 Core repository might take some time, please be patient.

Reviewing and testing patches

Update the repository

Before applying a patch you should update the repository to its latest state. Press the pull button from the main button bar:

Then click OK:


First visit the page of the patch in Gerrit. From the Download menu, choose the copy button after the 'Cherry Pick' line.

The next step has to be done via the command line. Open git bash by pressing "Terminal" and paste the copied line with the 'Ins' button:

The patch is now applied and you can start testing.

Creating patches

Commit hook

In each folder that contains a repository you need to execute the following command to install a Git hook which adds a unique Change-Id to the commit message (and performs a few checks). Choose the repository from your bookmarks and click "Terminal" to open a git bash for that repository. Copy the following command to the bash and execute it:

curl -o .git/hooks/commit-msg "" && chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg

Setup for pushing to Gerrit

In the Git Bash window (click Terminal), enter the following commands to set that you push to Gerrit instead of the TYPO3 repository directly.

git config url."ssh://<username>"
git config remote.origin.push refs/heads/*:refs/for/*
git config branch.autosetuprebase remote

Create a branch

It's easier to undo all the changes in a patch if you create a branch for it. Click on the branch button and enter a name for your new branch, then click "Create Branch".

Now start coding and commit your changes (By pressing the "Commit" button). Make sure your commit message is written according to the >>>rules for the commit message<<< and click OK.

Your changes are now stored locally in a separate branch.

Send the patch to Gerrit

Click the "Push" button to open the push dialog.

Check the checkbox in front of your feature branch. As remote branch add "refs/for/main" - which will create a new patchset for main. If you want to create patches for older branches use 'refs/for/<branchName>', for example 'refs/for/TYPO3_6-2'. Be aware that you have to fix a bug in the main branch first before it can go to older branches.

Now click ok. You should get a Gerrit link to your new change in the resulting output.

Cleaning up

To get back to the main branch just click on it at the "Branches" section. If you want to delete your feature branch, right click on it and choose "Delete".