Use EXT:styleguide

It is recommended to use the styleguide extension to auto generate several example pages which can be used for testing the frontend and backend of TYPO3.

The typo3/cms-styleguide extension is part of the TYPO3 core repository. It used mostly to showcase TCA / FormEngine features but has since evolved to provide additional features.

The styleguide extension can create pages within the TYPO3 site, specifically:

  • The "Styleguide TCA demo" will create several pages showcasing TCA features, including examples for common column types.

  • The "Styleguide Frontend" uses a custom TypoScript template provided by the styleguide extension and creates pages which can be viewed in the frontend.



Once the styleguide extension is activated, it is possible to create (or delete) the pages via command line:

shell command
# show help
bin/typo3 styleguide:generate -h

# create pages
bin/typo3 styleguide:generate -c

# or (with DDEV)
ddev exec bin/typo3 styleguide:generate -c
  1. Activate the styleguide extension in the extension manager

  2. Click on ? in the top bar

  3. Click on the Styleguide menu item

    The Styleguide overview appears.

  4. Click on TCA / Records / Frontend

  5. Create pages

    Click the buttons:

    • Create styleguide page tree with data

    • Create styleguide frontend

The pages will now be created. Wait a moment until a flash message appears.