Troubleshooting for Windows


Permission denied (publickey)

If you try to push to gerrit and you keep getting the following error message

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Checklist for SSH problems

  1. Make sure the public SSH key is stored in your Gerrit account.

    See Setting up Gerrit (ssh)

  2. Check if your private SSH key is in the correct OpenSSH format.

    You can export your SSH key to the correct OpenSSH format with the Putty Key Generator with Conversions -> Export OpenSSH Key -> save with a filename, but without a file ending!

  3. Check if the ssh-agent is running or turn it on

    ssh-agent -s
  4. Add your SSH key to the ssh-agent

    ssh-add ~/.ssh/my_key

    The SSH key should have NO file ending (like .ppk). In windows explorer you should find the SSH key in the file: