Help & Community

This guide attempts to provide all information necessary to contribute to the TYPO3 codebase. However, you might run into problems. If this is the case, there are several possibilities to get help. Do not hesitate to ask others, if you can't find the information you need.


The main communication platform for TYPO3 is the Slack chat system. In order to register for Slack, you first need a account and then request a Slack account. This is explained here: Slack.

You can ask specific questions about contributing in the #typo3-cms-coredev channel, general TYPO3 questions should be asked in the #typo3-cms channel.

For more information on Slack, see Slack in the Appendix.


Coding is great, but coding with others may be even better. There is a wide variety of TYPO3 events where you can meet people, gain knowledge and have fun doing it. Some of these events are especially suited for core contributors, though you will probably benefit from any TYPO3 event in some way or another.

Look for events like "Review Friday", "Code Sprints" and "Developer Days". Next, we will describe some events that are relevant for core contribution. They are not specifically targeted at providing support, but the event may be open to new core contributors and may give you the opportunity to ask questions and get help. In any case, read the event description and if in doubt, contact the person listed in the event description.

Code Sprints

For joining code sprints, it is recommended that you have at least a little experience with TYPO3 core contribution and are familiar with the workflow.

Look for the next Code Sprints on the Events page on

In the event description you should also find information about reimbursement and other information. You will usually need to signup for the event.

TYPO3 Developer Days

The Developer Days usually take place once a year. It is a great way to connect with other TYPO3 developers. If the "Coding Nights" take place during the Developer Days, it is a very good opportunity to code for TYPO3 with others.

You will also find the next Developer Days on the Events page on