Upgrade Wizards

New in version 9.4: A new API for upgrade wizards was introduced: Feature: #86076 - New API for UpgradeWizards This chapter was updated to use the new API.

TYPO3 CMS offers a way for extension authors to provide automated updates for extensions. TYPO3 itself provides upgrade wizards to ease updates of TYPO3 versions. This chapter will explain the concept and how to write upgrade wizards.

The API for upgrade wizards comes with the following interfaces:

  • (required) UpgradeWizardInterface: Main interface for UpgradeWizards. All upgrade wizards using the new API MUST implement this interface.
  • (optional) RepeatableInterface: Semantic interface to denote wizards that can be repeated
  • (optional) ChattyInterface: Interface for wizards generating output
  • (optional) ConfirmableInferface: Interface for wizards that need user confirmation