[‘columns’] Section

This contains the configuration array for single fields in the user settings. This array allows the following configurations:

Key Data type Description
type string

Defines the type of the input field

If type=user you need to define userFunc too.


'startModule' => array(
   'type' => 'select',
   'itemsProcFunc' => 'TYPO3\\CMS\\Setup\\Controller\\SetupModuleController->renderStartModuleSelect',
   'label' => 'LLL:EXT:setup/mod/locallang.xlf:startModule',
   'csh' => 'startModule'

Allowed values: button, check, password, select, text, user

label string Label for the input field, should be a pointer to a localized label using the LLL: syntax.
buttonLabel string Text of the button for type=button fields. Should be a pointer to a localized label using the LLL: syntax.
csh string CSH key for the input field
access string

Access control. At the moment only a admin-check is implemented

Allowed values: admin

table string

If the user setting is saved in a DB table, this property sets the table. At the moment only “be_users” is implemented.

Allowed values: be_users

items array List of items for type=select fields. This should be a simple associative array with key-value pairs.
itemsProcFunc array

Defines an external method for rendering items of select-type fields. Contrary to what is done with the TCA you have to render the <select> tag too. Only used by type=select.

Use the usual class->method syntax.

onClick string JavaScript code added to a button’s onClick attribute. Only used by type=button. May contain sprintf() markers which will be replaced by the strings provided in property onClickLabels.
onClickLabels array List of strings used to replace the markers defined in onClick. Each string should point to a localized label using the LLL: syntax.