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Other View Tab

img-23 Illustration 16: Plugin Configuration: Other View Tab

img-5 These options are only available with the “classic” typoscript template (see Step 5: Add the Static Templates).

Refer to Illustration 16. The Other View tab is similar to the General Settings tab in that it sets options that are shared across multiple views. - Show login: Shows an instance of the Frontend User Login in the default Week and Day Views.

  • Show search: Shows an instance of the search engine that has been limited to searching Calendar Base records. See Adding a Search Option for more details.
  • Show jumps: Shows a Jump menu for Frontend navigation. Allows users to quickly “jump” to other weeks, months, or years.
  • Show category selector: Displays a check-box to the left of categories displayed in the Legend. By enabling or disabling the category check- boxes, Frontend users can choose to display or hide events associated with specific categories.
  • Show tomorrows events: Displays a title list of the next-day’s events in the default Week and Day Views.