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Locations Record

img-38 Illustration 31: Location Record

The Location record facilitates the easy addition of repetitious locations, addresses, and even maps for your events.

Refer to Illustration 31.

  • Hide: Hides the Location record in the Frontend.
  • Name: The name of this location such as Office or Church.
  • Description: A description of the location.
  • Street: The street address.
  • City: The location’s city.
  • State/Province: The location’s state or province. The drop-down menu will only be available when the country field has been completed and the form saved.
  • Zip: The Zip code.
  • Country: The location’s country.
  • Phone: The location’s contact phone number.
  • Email: The location’s contact email address.
  • Logo/Image: A picture of the location or its logo.
  • Homepage: An alternative website for the location.