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The Location Tab

The Location Tab works either independently or in conjunction with the Locations Record.

img-30 Illustration 23: The Calendar Event: Location Tab

Refer to Illustration 23. - Location, or…: This is the title of the location that will be displayed if you have not created a Location record and chosen it in the Cal Location drop-down menu below. This option can be turned off in the Configuration form (See Calendar Base Configuration).

  • Cal Location, or…: These options are generated from Locations Record that you create. If left at None, the displayed location will be generated from the Location field above. If you make a selection here, it will override the above Location field.
  • Page to link the location to: If you have a page that has a map, directions, or other information on it about the location, you can link to it here. This link will override the Cal Location field and create a link from the Location field.