[‘columns’] Section

This contains the configuration array for single fields in the user settings. This array allows the following configurations:

Key Data type Description
type string

Defines the type of the input field

If type=user you need to define userFunc too.


'startModule' => array(
   'type' => 'select',
   'itemsProcFunc' => 'TYPO3\\CMS\\Setup\\Controller\\SetupModuleController->renderStartModuleSelect',
   'label' => 'LLL:EXT:setup/mod/locallang.xlf:startModule',
   'csh' => 'startModule'

Allowed values: button, check, password, select, text, user

label string Label for the input field, should be a pointer to a localized label using the LLL: syntax.
buttonLabel string Text of the button for type=button fields. Should be a pointer to a localized label using the LLL: syntax.
csh string CSH key for the input field
access string

Access control. At the moment only a admin-check is implemented

Allowed values: admin

table string

If the user setting is saved in a DB table, this property sets the table. At the moment only “be_users” is implemented.

Allowed values: be_users

items array List of items for type=select fields. This should be a simple associative array with key-value pairs.
itemsProcFunc array

Defines an external method for rendering items of select-type fields. Contrary to what is done with the TCA you have to render the <select> tag too. Only used by type=select.

Use the usual class->method syntax.

clickData.eventName string JavaScript event triggered on click.
confirm boolean If true, JavaScript confirmation dialog is displayed.
confirmData.eventName string JavaScript event triggered on confirmation.
confirmData.message string Confirmation message.