Console commands (CLI)

It is possible to run TYPO3 scripts from the command line. This functionality can be used to set up cron jobs, for example.

TYPO3 uses Symfony commands API for writing CLI (command line interface) commands. These commands can also be run from the TYPO3 scheduler if this option is not disabled in the Configuration/Services.yaml.


Using Extbase repositories in CLI context is not recommended as Extbase relies on frontend TypoScript. For example, conditions using the request object may cause problems. Use the query builder or DataHandler where appropriate.

Run a command from the command line

You can list the available commands by calling:


For example, you can clear all caches by calling:

vendor/bin/typo3 cache:flush

Show help for the command:

vendor/bin/typo3 cache:flush -h

Running the command from the scheduler

By default, it is possible to run a command from the TYPO3 scheduler as well. To do this, select the task Execute console commands followed by your command in the Schedulable Command field.


You need to save and reopen the task to define command arguments.

In order to prevent commands from being set up as scheduler tasks, see deactivating-the-command-in-scheduler.

Create a custom command

See the Tutorial: Create a console command for details on how to create commands.

DataHandler usage

Using the DataHandler in a CLI command requires backend authentication. See Using the DataHandler in a Symfony command for more information.

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