Global array $GLOBALS['PAGES_TYPES'] defines the various types of pages (field: doktype) the system can handle and what restrictions may apply to them. Here you can define which tables are allowed on a certain page type.


The "default" entry in the $GLOBALS['PAGES_TYPES'] array is the "base" for all types, and for every type the entries overrides the entries in the "default" type!!

This is the default array as set in EXT:core/ext_tables.php:

   (string)\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Domain\Repository\PageRepository::DOKTYPE_BE_USER_SECTION => [
      'allowedTables' => '*'
   (string)\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Domain\Repository\PageRepository::DOKTYPE_SYSFOLDER => [
      //  Doktype 254 is a 'Folder' - a general purpose storage folder for whatever you like.
      // In CMS context it's NOT a viewable page. Can contain any element.
      'allowedTables' => '*'
   (string)\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Domain\Repository\PageRepository::DOKTYPE_RECYCLER => [
      // Doktype 255 is a recycle-bin.
      'allowedTables' => '*'
   'default' => [
      'allowedTables' => 'pages,sys_category,sys_file_reference,sys_file_collection',
      'onlyAllowedTables' => false

The key used in the array above is the value that will be stored in the doktype field of the "pages" table.


As for other $GLOBALS values, you can view current settings in the backend in System > Configuration (with installed lowlevel system extension).


In TYPO3 versions below 10.4, the doktype was restricted to numbers smaller than 200 if the custom page type should be displayed in the frontend, and larger than 200 when it is just some storage. This limitation no longer exists, so you can choose a number at will.

Each array has the following options available:




Can be "sys" or "web". This is purely informative, as TYPO3 does nothing with that piece of data.


The tables that may reside on pages with that "doktype". Comma-separated list of tables allowed on this page doktype. "*" = all.


Boolean. If set to true, changing the page type will be blocked if the chosen page type contains records that it would not allow.


The options allowedTables and onlyAllowedTables must be set for the default type while the rest can choose as they like.