Public assets

Public assets used in extensions (files that should be delivered by the web server) must be located in the Resources/Public folder of the extension.

Deprecated since version 11.5

Having public assets in any but the folder Resources/Public has been deprecated with version 11.5.

Prevent access to non public files

No extension file outside the folder Resources/Public may be accessed from outside the web server.

This can be achieved by applying proper access restrictions on the web server. See: Restrict access to files on a server-level.

By using the Composer package helhum/typo3-secure-web <> all files except those that should be publicly available can be stored outside the servers web root.


Alternatives: Resources/Public/Icons/Extension.png, Resources/Public/Icons/Extension.gif

These file names are reserved for th extension icon, which will be displayed in the extension manager.

It must be in format SVG (preferred), PNG or GIF and should have at least 16x16 pixels.

Common subfolders

Any CSS file used by the extension.
Any images used by the extension.
Any JS file used by the extension.