Static SQL tables and their data.

If the extension requires static data you can dump it into an SQL file by this name. Example for dumping MySQL/MariaDB data from shell (executed in the extension's root directory):

mysqldump --user=[user] --password [database name] \
          [tablename] > ./ext_tables_static+adt.sql

Note that only INSERT INTO statements are allowed. The file is interpreted whenever the corresponding extension's setup routines get called: Upon first time installation, command task execution of bin/typo3 extension:setup or via the Admin Tools > Extensions interface and the Reload extension data action. The static data is then only re-evaluated, if the file has different contents than on the last execution. In that case, the table is truncated and the new data imported.

The table structure of static tables must be declared in the ext_tables.sql file, otherwise data cannot be added to a static table.