JavaScript Form Helpers

Empty Checkbox Handling

<input type="checkbox" name="setting" value="1" data-empty-value="0"
   data-global-event="change" data-action-navigate="$data=~s/$value/">

Checkboxes used to send a particular value when unchecked can be achieved by using data-empty-value="0". If this attribute is omitted, an empty string '' is sent.

Submitting a Form on Change

<input type="checkbox" data-global-event="change" data-action-submit="$form">
<!-- ... or (using CSS selector) ... -->
<input type="checkbox" data-global-event="change" data-action-submit="#formIdentifier">

Submits a form once a value has been changed. ($form refers to parent form element, using CSS selectors like #formIdentifier is possible as well)