Kickstart an Extension

There are different options to kickstart an extension. Here are some tutorials for common options:

Create an extension from scratch

  • Create a directory with the extension name

  • Create the composer.json file

  • Create the ext_emconf.php file for legacy installations and extensions to be uploaded to TER

Kickstart a TYPO3 extension with "Make"

"Make" can be used to quickly create an extension with a few basic commands on the console. "Make" can also be used to kickstart functionality like console command (CLI), backend controllers and event listeners. It does not offer to kickstart a sitepackage or an Extbase extension.

Sitepackage Builder

The Sitepackage Builder can be used to conveniently create an extension containing the sitepackage (theme) of a site. It can also be used to kickstart an arbitary extension by removing unneeded files.

Extension Builder

The Extension Builder helps you to develop a TYPO3 extension based on the domain-driven MVC framework Extbase and the templating engine Fluid.


There used to be an extension called "kickstarter" it has however been discontinued since 2012.