Global meta information about TYPO3

General information

The PHP class TYPO3\CMS\Core\Information\Typo3Information provides an API for general information, links and copyright information about TYPO3.

The following methods are available:

  • getCopyrightYear() will return a string with the current copyright years (for example "1998-2020")
  • getHtmlGeneratorTagContent() will return the backend meta generator tag with copyright information
  • getInlineHeaderComment() will return the TYPO3 header comment rendered in all frontend requests ("This website is powered by TYPO3...")
  • getCopyrightNotice() will return the TYPO3 copyright notice

Version Information

PHP class TYPO3\CMS\Core\Information\Typo3Version provides an API for accessing information about the currently used TYPO3 version.

  • getVersion() will return the full TYPO3 version (for example 10.4.3)
  • getBranch() will return the current branch (for example 10.4)
  • getMajorVersion() will return the major version number (for example 10)
  • __toString() will return the result of getVersion()