There are two contexts where TypoScript is used: templates, where TypoScript is used to actually define what will appear in the TYPO3 frontend, and TSconfig, where it is used to configure settings of the TYPO3 backend. TSconfig is further subdivided into user TSconfig (defined for backend users or user groups) and page TSconfig (defined for pages in the page tree).

Page TSconfig is used for customizing the TYPO3 backend according to where users will be working along the page tree. User TSconfig is used to customize what elements are visible for users and groups or change the behavior of some elements.

Some parts of TypoScript are available in both contexts, some only in one or the other. Any difference is mentioned at the relevant place.

Each context has its own chapter in this manual. It also has its own reference in a separate manual (see TypoScript syntax at the end of this manual).