TypoScript Coding Guidelines

Directory and File Names

  • The file extension should be .typoscript.

  • TypoScript files are located in the directory <extension>/Configuration/TypoScript.

  • File name for constants in static templates: constants.typoscript.

  • File name for TypoScript in static templates: setup.typoscript.

More information about the file ending:

  • TypoScript files used to have the ending .txt.

  • It is also possible to use the ending .ts. This is not recommended because it is also used by TypeScript.

  • Therefore, you should use .typoscript.


  • Use spaces, not TABs.

  • Use 2 spaces per indenting level.

More Information

  • See Setup IDE / Editor in this manual for information about setting up your Editor / IDE to adhere to the coding guidelines.