Custom data processors

Implementing a custom data processor is out of scope in this reference. You can find information on the implementation in TYPO3 Explained.

Custom data processors can be used in TypoScript just like any other data processor:

tt_content {
    examples_dataproccustom =< lib.contentElement
    examples_dataproccustom {
        templateName = DataProcCustom
        # Before TYPO3 v12.1 you have to give the fully-qualified class name of the processor
        # dataProcessing.10 = T3docs\Examples\DataProcessing\CustomCategoryProcessor
        # Since TYPO3 v12.1 one can also use a (in Services.yaml) configured alias
        dataProcessing.10 = custom-category
        dataProcessing.10 {
            as = categories
            categoryList.field = categories

The available configuration depends on the implementation of the specific custom data processor, of course.

New in version 12.1

One can configure a custom alias in Configuration/Services.yaml and use it in TypoScript instead of the fully-qualified class name.

Example output