Used to create custom tags and define how they should be parsed. This is used in conjunction with parseFunc.

The best known is the "link" tag, which is used to create links.


(array of strings)

array of strings
Content Objects (cObject)

Every entry in the array of strings corresponds to a tag, that will be parsed. The elements must be in lowercase.

Every entry must be set to a content object.

current is set to the content of the tag, eg <TAG>content</TAG>: here current is set to content. It can be used with stdWrap.current = 1.


Parameters of the tag are set in $cObj->parameters (key is lowercased):

<TAG COLOR="red">content</TAG>

This sets $cObj->parameters['color'] = 'red'.

$cObj->parameters['allParams'] is automatically set to the whole parameter-string of the tag. Here it is color="red"

Special properties for each content object:

[cObject].stripNL: boolean option, which tells parseFunc that newlines before and after the content of the tag should be stripped.

[cObject].breakoutTypoTagContent: boolean option, which tells parseFunc that this block of content is breaking up the nonTypoTag content and that the content after this must be re-wrapped.

tags.bold = TEXT
tags.bold {
    stdWrap.current = 1
    stdWrap.wrap = <p style="font-weight: bold;"> | </p>
tags.bold.stdWrap.stripNL = 1

This example would e.g. transform <BOLD>Important!</BOLD> to <p style="font-weight: bold;">Important!</p>.


This example creates 4 custom tags. The <LINK>-, <TYPOLIST>-, <GRAFIX>- and <PIC>-tags:

<LINK> is made into a typolink and provides an easy way of creating links in text.

<TYPOLIST> is used to create bullet-lists.

<GRAFIX> will create an image file with 90x10 pixels where the text is the content of the tag.

<PIC> lets us place an image in the text. The content of the tag should be the image-reference in fileadmin/images/.

tags {
    link = TEXT
    link {
        stdWrap.current = 1
        stdWrap.typolink.extTarget = _blank
        stdWrap.typolink.target = {$cLinkTagTarget}
        stdWrap.typolink.wrap = <p style="color: red;">|</p>
        stdWrap.typolink.parameter.data = parameters : allParams

    typolist < tt_content.bullets.default.20
    typolist.trim = 1
    typolist.field >
    typolist.current = 1

    grafix = IMAGE
    grafix {
        file = GIFBUILDER
        file {
            XY = 90,10
            100 = TEXT
            100.text.current = 1
            100.offset = 5,10
    # Transforms <pic>file.png</pic> to <img src="fileadmin/images/file.png" >
    pic = IMAGE
    pic.file.import = fileadmin/images/
    pic.file.import.current = 1