dataProcessing is a property of FLUIDTEMPLATE and PAGEVIEW.

The property adds one or multiple processors to manipulate the $data variable of the currently rendered content object, like tt_content or page. The sub-property dataProcessing.options can be used to pass parameters to the processor class.

There are several data processors available to allow flexible processing, for example for comma-separated values, related files or related records.

About the examples

All examples listed here can be found in the TYPO3 Documentation Team extension examples.

Once the extension t3docs/examples is installed the examples are available as content elements:

All examples listing here depend on Create a custom content element type. Data processors can also be used in rendering page templates. In this case TypoScript context would be the page record and all fields of the pages table are available.

All examples base on lib.contentElement, which is provided by the system extension fluid_styled_content.

In this system extension it is defined as follows:

lib.contentElement >
lib.contentElement = FLUIDTEMPLATE
lib.contentElement {
   templateName = Default
   // ...

The extension examples also sets the paths to the additional templates:

lib.contentElement {
   templateRootPaths.200 = EXT:examples/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentElements/
   partialRootPaths.200 = EXT:examples/Resources/Private/Partials/ContentElements/
   layoutRootPaths.200 = EXT:examples/Resources/Private/Layout/