A separate backend module to maintain articles within the backend. Prior to EXT:news v10, this feature was part of EXT:news itself.


  • € 150.00 (ex. VAT) for 1 site
  • € 450.00 (ex. VAT) for unlimited sites related to the agency itself or its customers

Included: Bugfix & feature releases

Contact: Please write an email to extension@ringer.it with the version you need and your invoice address + VAT ID. Additionally please add your GitHub username to get access to the repository to be able to download latest updates.


Record rendering

The rendering of the articles can be configured with various options

  • Disable the page tree for the whole module and define a default page. This is the fasted way for editors to work with news records.
  • Define the fields which are shown

Display those pages which contain news records, tags and categories.

Powerful filters

Working with lots of records is getting easy when using filter to find the records fast.

  • Full textsearch
  • Filter by time range of, categories and all other most used attributes

Various filters makes it easy to find a certain article very fast

Page listing

Sometimes got a hard time to find the page on which news, categories or tags are saved? This module will help you find those fast and easy.

Display of records