6.0.0 - 2017/21/03

Finally 6.0.0 has been released which supports both current LTS versions, 7.6 LTS and 8 LTS.

Important changes

The following changes might be important for your installation.

Version dependency 7.6.13+ or 8.5+

To improve the performance and code quality, at least TYPO3 7.6.13 or 8.5. are required.

Deprecate ViewHelpers for Facebook, Google+, Twitter

The following ViewHelpers have been deprecated:

  • <n:social.facebook.like />
  • <n:social.facebook.comment />
  • <n:social.googlePlus />
  • <n:social.twitter />

The ViewHelpers will be removed with the version 7.0.0.

Install & configure the extension rx_shariff which takes care of the privacy of your users!

Renaming of partials

The following partials have been renamed

  • Detail/FalMediaContainer to Detail/MediaContainer
  • Detail/FalMediaImage to Detail/MediaImage
  • Detail/FalMediaVideo to Detail/MediaVideo

Error message if news not found

While rendering a detail view and a news record is not found anymore (e.g. because it has been deleted or set to hidden) an error message is now shown instead of an exception. This has been achived by setting the following default TypoScript:

plugin.tx_news.settings.detail {
        errorHandling = showStandaloneTemplate,EXT:news/Resources/Private/Templates/News/DetailNotFound.html,404

To achieve the previous behaviour, use

plugin.tx_news.settings.detail {
        errorHandling = pageNotFoundHandler

Check width & height set in Flexform

Width and height of images can be set in the plugin. Previously those values have not been used in the templates but they are used now.

<f:image image="{mediaElement}" title="{mediaElement.originalResource.title}" alt="{mediaElement.originalResource.alternative}" maxWidth="{f:if(condition: settings.media.maxWidth, then: settings.media.maxWidth, else: settings.list.media.image.maxWidth)}" maxHeight="{f:if(condition: settings.media.maxHeight, then: settings.media.maxHeight, else: settings.list.media.image.maxHeight)}"/>

Improved Administration module

The administration module recived again some more love!

The link in the administration module to toggle the filter form has been moved to the toolbar.

Furthermore the template has been improved to work on smaller screens.

Disable override demand default on

The checkbox Disable override demand in the plugin is now by default enabled.


List of all features.

Provide filter by type

The NewsDemand class got a new property types which can be used to filter the returned news records by its type.

Ajax Pagination

The templates and documentation has been enhanced to make it easy to use AJAX for the pagination. Thanks to Helmut Hummel who provides the awesome extension typoscript_rendering which is used for it.

Add enclosure tag to deliver images in the stream

The List.xml template which is used for RSS feeds is enhanced with the enclosure tag which provides the url to the first preview image.

Add ViewHelper to display media files inline

Using images in the RTE is often loved by editors and disliked by integrators and developers. With this version, a mixture is available which can satisfy all users.

By using the RenderMediaViewHelper in the templates, an editor can now place the keyword [media] in the RTE which are replaced by media elements saved in the FAL relation.


  • An editor can place images and media elements where he wants
  • The relation is safed in a safe manner
  • The media elements can later be still modified

Improved content element relations

To improve the usability of content elements added to a news item, the preview in the backend is enhanced by rendering the content elements as in the page module.

Support for EXT:guide

The extension guide shows guides to editors and makes it easy to explain features. A guide for the administration module has been added

Improved Import module

The import module has been rewritten:

  • Use requireJS
  • Use jQuery instead of ExtJS
  • Use bootstrap for the forms
  • Use a callout for the backup info

Simplify getters for FAL fields

Add easier names for the getters of fields to FAL. As the non-FAL fields have been removed, the simplified getters have been reactivated to fetch the FAL fields. This makes the templates far easier to read.

  • newsItem.falMedia => newsItem.media
  • newsItem.falMediaPreviews => newsItem.mediaPreviews
  • newsItem.falMediaNonPreviews => newsIten.mediaNonPreviews
  • newsItem.firstFalImagePreview => newsItem.firstPreview
  • newsItem.falRelatedFiles => newsItem.relatedFiles

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2017-04-21 [TASK] Prepare 6.0.0 release (Commit 637ccf6 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-12 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#300) (Commit aa34868 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-12 Use nimut/testing-framework (#296) (Commit 1327f25 by Nicole Cordes)
2017-04-12 [BUGFIX] Use correct class in PageLayoutViewTest (Commit ae1c37a by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-10 [BUGFIX] Remove wrong char (Commit f8d05b0 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-10 [BUGFIX] Add caseinsensitive security check for overwriteDemandObject (Commit ee7b252 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-06 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#291) (Commit 6ce56b7 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-06 [BUGFIX] Use correct TCA for fal_media overrideChildTca (Commit 3cebb32 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-05 Added missing namespace (#286) (Commit ff576cd by cvisys)
2017-04-05 Added missing namepace (#285) (Commit 41351ec by cvisys)
2017-03-25 [DOC] Improve  docs for ical #278 (Commit 3ca73b7 by buxit)
2017-03-25 [BUGFIX] Outcomment _LOCAL_LANG example (Commit e6c4e85 by Georg Ringer)
2017-03-13 constant settings are in plugin.tx_news (#279) (Commit 5dff3d1 by buxit)
2017-03-10 [TASK] adapt db field type for inline relation (#275) (Commit 4ff7a23 by jokumer)
2017-03-09 [FEATURE] Provide page id in paginationController (Commit 698de39 by Georg Ringer)
2017-03-08 [TASK] Cleanup controllers (Commit dab8e36 by Georg Ringer)
2017-03-07 [TASK] Check $tags for being a string (Commit 3a48f62 by Georg Ringer)
2017-03-06 [DOC] Fix example for rss.channel.language (#276) (Commit 0aba9e0 by Michael Stucki)
2017-03-01 [DOC] Improve example of ExtendFlexForms (Commit 78dc976 by Georg Ringer)
2017-02-25 [BUGFIX] Remove CompilableInterface (#266) (Commit 886ec1b by Frank Nägler)
2017-02-24 [BUGFIX] Fixed lost categories when enabling/disabling a news from list module using a non-admin BE user (#265) (Commit befa197 by Julien Henchoz)
2017-02-23 Use .svg instead of .gif in iconfile (#264) (Commit 2f36110 by Christian Kuhn)
2017-02-21 [BUGFIX] Show create new tag at first position in results (#263) (Commit e3eb106 by Markus Klein)
2017-02-17 [BUGFIX] Fix tests for 8.6 (#259) (Commit 42b21e6 by Georg Ringer)
2017-02-17 [BUGFIX] Use ContextMenu instead of ClickMenu in admin module (Commit f98593d by Georg Ringer)
2017-02-14 [FEATURE] Support tx_news.tagPid in list wizard (Commit 1c46072 by Georg Ringer)
2017-02-14 [DOC] Remove unused realurl configuration option from docs (#258) (Commit 5dced06 by Markus Klein)
2017-02-13 [BUGFIX] Use proper label for refresh button in Administration module (Commit d0697ad by Georg Ringer)
2017-02-12 [TASK] Remove old table definition in ext_tables.sql (Commit 621a5f7 by Georg Ringer)
2017-02-10 [BUGFIX] Copying news with MySQL strict mode fails (#253) (Commit f82ab6a by Oliver Hader)
2017-02-10 [TASK] Allow risky fixers for php-cs-fixer 2.0.1 (#255) (Commit e5e3d60 by Jan Kiesewetter)
2017-02-09 [TASK] Disable override demand default on (Commit 6cbc667 by Georg Ringer)
2017-02-07 [TASK] Running PHP Coding Standards Fixer checks on Travis (#245) (Commit 7260be2 by Jan Kiesewetter)
2017-02-06 [FEATURE] Add gitlab-ci configuration (#244) (Commit 2660dc8 by Jan Kiesewetter)
2017-01-31 [FEATURE] Make plugin overview nice on small columns (Commit 5f75a6a by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-26 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:georgringer/news (Commit 763f25e by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-26 [BUGFIX] Remove max config from start/endtime fields (Commit 294c825 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-26 [TASK] Remove symlink to eventnews template (#235) (Commit cdf9b15 by Jan Kiesewetter)
2017-01-26 [TASK] Update php-cs-fixer to version 2.0 (#236) (Commit 877184a by Jan Kiesewetter)
2017-01-25 [BUGIFX] Remove upper limit in admin module (Commit c43e86e by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-24 [TASK] Show template layouts in pagelayout for any action (Commit ffd90f5 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-24 [TASK] Reapply fixer (Commit 17ea463 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-24 [FEATURE] Add filter for achive to admin module (Commit dae4b89 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-24 [FEATURE] Add filter for hidden in admin module (Commit 65dbcfd by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-23 [TASK] Fix typo in docheader of CommentVH (Commit f827019 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-22 [TASK] Avoid usage of deprecated Core method (Commit 299473e by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-22 Update Index.rst (#217) (Commit 2870aa3 by Tim Maurice Bayer)
2017-01-22 [TASK] Improve user_categoryOverlay (Commit 7dec113 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-21 [FEATURE] Add description field (Commit 507a159 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-21 [TASK] Rename FAL partials (Commit 6fbbaf5 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-21 [DOC] Add release notes for 5.3.2 (Commit 976002e by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-21 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#224) (Commit c600292 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-21 [BUGFIX] Use proper button group in admin module (Commit ba55574 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-19 [BUGFIX] add check before category restriction is added to flexforms (#220) (Commit 3cd0144 by Johannes)
2017-01-19 [BUGFIX] Check for non-empty tag or category lists (#221) (Commit 0a033f4 by Markus Klein)
2017-01-19 [TASK] Simplify getters for FAL fields (Commit 623fce9 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-14 [TASK] Make ViewHelpers compilable, part 2 (#213) (Commit ab41ad2 by Claus Due)
2017-01-12 [TASK] Add clear icon to fields in admin module (Commit c5e3b59 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-11 [TASK] Replace deprecated method in NewsImportService (Commit 7bb87d6 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-11 [BUGFIX] Fix PaginateBodytextViewHelper (#212) (Commit aeac0e8 by droomdre)
2017-01-10 [DOC] Add new features to changelog (Commit 0ba1a09 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-10 [FEATURE] Rewrite import module (Commit 8378944 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-10 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#210) (Commit 2ce49e2 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-10 [TASK] Add refresh button to Administration module (Commit e151596 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-10 [BUGFIX] Show filter button only if in proper action (Commit be546a0 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-10 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:georgringer/news (Commit 7aa1705 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-10 [TASK] Use requireJS module for Administration module (Commit 29ecddd by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-08 [TASK] Improve TCA code (Commit a18ecd6 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-07 [TASK] Increase category tree in flexform (Commit ab45cc6 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-07 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:georgringer/news (Commit 2958850 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-07 [!!!][TASK] Restrict version dependencies (Commit fd9ae2d by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-04 [DOCU] Change Vendor in code example (#203) (Commit 2c1c99b by Stefan Frömken)
2017-01-04 [BUGFIX] Exclude gridelements from advanced inline preview (Commit 9ac8056 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-04 [FEATURE] Provide tour for EXT:guide (Commit 97adb88 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-03 [DOC] Improve Readme in root dir (Commit 295ee40 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-03 [TASK] Add StyleCI to Readme.md (Commit 1774b52 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-03 [TASK] Add style ci configuration (Commit b515bb6 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-03 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#201) (Commit 726ad6b by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-03 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:georgringer/news (Commit fcfceb5 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-03 [TASK] Optimize administration module (Commit 69a0d83 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-02 [TASK] Make ViewHelpers static callable (#119) (Commit 8157447 by Claus Due)
2017-01-02 [TASK] Improve category tree in administration module (Commit e43bf42 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-02 [TASK] Use a datepicker in the administration module (Commit f7a72f1 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-02 [DOC] Mention OpenHub in manual (Commit b9c4772 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-02 [!!!][TASK] Raise version constraints for the Core (Commit bc6aa06 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-02 [DOC] Update documentation (Commit 870d075 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-02 [TASK] Deprecate ViewHelpers for Facebook, Google+, Twitter (Commit c986b92 by Georg Ringer)
2017-01-02 [TASK] Use mediaTag VH also in TWB templates (Commit 89a880c by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-31 [DOC] Add documentation for upcoming release (Commit b569351 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-30 [TASK] Move toggle link in admin module to toolbar (Commit d7ace3f by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-30 [FEATURE] Provide filter by type (Commit bed8a25 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-29 [FEATURE] Document the AJAX pagination (Commit 572fee8 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-29 [FEATURE] First steps for an ajax based pagination (Commit 87a63c1 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-29 [BUGFIX] Support for compatibility6 usage (Commit 4a1defb by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-29 [TASK] Adopt license (Commit 2a012d8 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-29 [TASK] Code cleanup (Commit 5a2590d by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-29 [FEATURE] Improved content element relations (Commit 8b09b73 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-29 [TASK][FOLLOWUP] Return null for handleNoNewsFoundError (Commit 18fee2d by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-28 [!!!][TASK] Check width & height set in Flexform (Commit 1493d0b by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-22 [FEATURE] Error msg if news not found (Commit 80d678d by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-22 [DOC] Add sponsors to release (Commit b262ffb by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-21 [DOC] Add lightbox config of fcs as well (Commit 970ebb3 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-21 [TASK] Remove undefined from tag search (Commit fe5f4aa by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-21 [FEATURE] add ViewHelper to display media files inline (#167) (Commit fa8340c by Johannes)
2016-12-21 [BUGFIX] Render dummy image if no FAL preview media and feature is enabled (#173) (Commit 0b297a3 by Jan Kiesewetter)
2016-12-21 [DOC] Document showContentElementsInNewsSysFolder (Commit fb3ac3d by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-21 Update .travis.yml (#191) (Commit 58a1963 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-15 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:georgringer/news (Commit 6eb3220 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-15 [BUGFIX] Use correct label in PageLayoutView (Commit 144fc46 by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-15 removes odd brace (#188) (Commit a0fde56 by Sascha Marcel Schmidt)
2016-12-14 [BUGFIX] Remove max config from date fields (Commit d1f893a by Georg Ringer)
2016-12-14 [FEATURE] Add enclosure tag to deliver images in the stream (#185) (Commit c631ffb by Kay Strobach)
2016-12-06 [TASK] Move call to registerPageTSConfigFile to TCA/Overrides (Commit a431f39 by Georg Ringer)


This list has been created by using git log --since="2016/11/27" --abbrev-commit --pretty='%ad %s (Commit %h by %an)' --date=short.