View button

It is possible to activate the View Button for news records.

This button is displayed on the top of the edit record page:


The View button

Add the following page TSconfig to your root page. It is recommended to use a site package extension, see Official Tutorial: Site Package for this purpose.

TCEMAIN.preview {
   tx_news_domain_model_news {
      previewPageId = 123
      useDefaultLanguageRecord = 0
      fieldToParameterMap {
         uid = tx_news_pi1[news_preview]
      additionalGetParameters {
         tx_news_pi1.controller = News
         tx_news_pi1.action = detail

By using the given example, a link will be generated which leads to the page with the id 123.

If a news plugin is placed on this page, the news article will be shown.


This TSconfig configuration can be used to display any record with with any kind of parameters. Read more about it in TSconfig Reference: TCEMAIN.preview.