A demand is a configuration object used by the repository to decide which news records should be fetched.

The default demand class implementation for the frontend output of news is GeorgRinger\News\Domain\Model\Dto\NewsDemand. It has a couple of useful properties that can be used to filter news records, for example $categories, $searchFields, $author and many more.

There is also the property $customSettings an array of custom settings by extensions. You should use your extension name as key in this array.

Demand objects can be changed in a couple of ways, see below:

URL Parameter

The URL parameter overwriteDemand can be used to override properties of the demand.

You can set this parameter in a Fluid link (see Set overwriteDemand in Frontend) or via TypoScript in a typolink (See TypoScript reference: typolink).

It would even be possible to configure a LinkHandler for this parameter.

Via TypoScript

TypoScript can be used to define a class containing a custom implementation of the demand object. This can be achieved by the TypoScript setting settings.demandClass.

Custom controllers

The demand object can be used in a custom controller used in an extension extending EXT:news. Read more about using a demand object in a custom controller: Extension based on EXT:news: FilterController.php.


Several hooks can be used to influence the demand object and its usage.

Hook findDemanded

The hook findDemanded is very powerful. It allows to modify the query used to fetch the news records depending on values set in the demand object. You can find an example of how to use it in the chapter Hooks: Example findDemanded.

Hook createDemandObjectFromSettings

The hook createDemandObjectFromSettings ($GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXT']['news']['Controller/NewsController.php']['createDemandObjectFromSettings']) can be used to influence the settings of the demand object as it is used in most standard actions in the NewsController, such as the listAction(), selectedListAction() and detailAction().

This hook can be used to insert settings from custom TypoScript or custom FlexForm configuration into the demand object. (See also Extend FlexForms)


Multiple events can change or use demand objects. For example the events of the main actions in the NewsController, for example NewsListActionEvent and NewsDetailActionEvent. For more information refer to the chapter Events.

Custom demand class

All custom frontend news demand classes must extend GeorgRinger\News\Domain\Model\Dto\NewsDemand. The demand object is a simple configuration object. It should contain no business logic. For each property there must be a setter and a getter.



namespace Vendor\MyNews\Domain\Model\Dto;

use \GeorgRinger\News\Domain\Model\Dto\NewsDemand;

class MyNewsDemand extends NewsDemand {

   * @var string
   protected $myCustomField = '';

   * Set myCustomField
   * @param string $myCustomField
   * @return NewsDemand
   public function setMyCustomField(string $myCustomField): NewsDemand
      $this->myCustomField = $myCustomField;
      return $this;

   * Get myCustomField
   * @return string
   public function getMyCustomField(): string
      return $this->myCustomField;