8.5.1 - 8th January 2021

Important changes

Thanks to

Thanks to Violetta Digital Craft GmbH (https://www.violetta.ch) who sponsored this release!

New TYPO3 version requirement

The mimimum TYPO3 version is either 9.5.17 or 10.4.12.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2021-01-04 [BUGFIX] Adjust the IRRE xclass to match v10.4.12 (#1412) (Commit b13d167a by Markus Klein)
2020-12-31 [DOC] Add documentation to limit available content element CTypes (#1411) (Commit 77d0d62c by Peter Kraume)
2020-12-17 [BUGFIX] Fix invalid crop usage in RenderMediaViewHelper (#1409) (Commit a8bca7c7 by Markus Klein)
2020-12-11 [BUGFIX] Prevent double encoding of metatag content (#1403) (Commit 2f452fdf by Markus Klein)
2020-12-11 [BUGFIX] Fix entry level in category menu for TYPO3 10 (#1404) (Commit c3944732 by echavaillaz)
2020-11-20 [DOC] Fixed locale for LocaleModifier example (#1386) (Commit a1ecb3b1 by Torben Hansen)
2020-11-20 [BUGFIX] Use correct time in ical (#1392) (Commit 50bd6917 by Markus Klein)
2020-11-15 [BUGFIX] Set correct default for fe_group field (Commit f7f989cd by Georg Ringer)
2020-11-02 [BUGFIX] Correctly adjust timezone in sitemap (#1380) (Commit 8f40f411 by Markus Klein)
2020-10-22 [TASK] Remove maxItems for selectedList (#1373) (Commit 7b1a52ca by ayacoo)


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