10.0.1 - 22nd September 2022

Important changes

A tutorial has been added which describes how infinite scrolling can be added to the list view.

Thanks to made in nature (Stefan Grothus), https://www.made-in-nature.de/ for sponsoring this task.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2022-09-22 [BUGFIX] Allow null for return value of News::getTags (Commit 05961d71 by Georg Ringer)
2022-09-22 [DOC] Clarify license for infinite scrolling (Commit 43156784 by Georg Ringer)
2022-09-21 [DOC] Add tutorial for infinite scrolling (#1853) (Commit 7e8ad654 by Georg Ringer)
2022-09-21 [BUGFIX] Fix notices in NewsImportService (Commit d55d5b73 by Georg Ringer)
2022-09-21 [BUGFIX] Use fetchColumn instead of fetchOne #1852 (Commit 9dd4b9f7 by Georg Ringer)


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