2.2.0 - 2013/07/06

This version has been released during the TYPO3 Developer Days 2013 in Hamburg.

Breaking/Important changes

* Even though 4.5 is still supported, PHP 5.3 is now required to be able to cover the full version range from 4.5 to 6,2
* Changes in database structure, an update in Extension Manager / Compare in Install Tool is needed
   - Default value '0' for type field of news record
   - Add fields for enabling basic workspace support
* EXT:news is using travis to check all UnitTests in all major TYPO3 releases. You can get the status at https://travis-ci.org/TYPO3-extensions/news


* Path to dummy images is configurable
* ViewHelper for Gravatar, thx Philipp Bergsmann
* Description field for media elements
* Description & keywords meta tag
* Support maxHeight for media elements in default templates
* Error handling in detail view if no news found. The setting settings.detail.errorHandling can either be
   - pageNotFoundHandler: use pageNotFoundHandler of the Core
   - redirectToListView: redirect to list view
   - redirectToPage: redirect to any page, including a custom header
* Atom feed support
* Full text RSS feed
* ViewHelper to set target of links: Tx_News_ViewHelpers_TargetLinkViewHelper
* More options    for FileDownloadViewHelper: class, target, alt, title
* Import from t3blog, thx Ingo Renner
* Dateformat is now translateable by using <f:translate key="dateFormat" />


Important bugfixes / tasks

* Default more link in List.html
* Support of new property mapper
* Category tree in FE supports translations
* Move the domain model of tt_content to Tx_News_Domain_Model_TtContent
* Configuration in Extension Manager uses tabs to group the settings



* Improved documentation, especially examples for ViewHelpers
* More UnitTests
* Improved translations