Best practice


Optimize EXT:news for display in search engines.

View Button

Display a View button on top of news records in the backend.

TSconfig code snippets

Code snippets to influence the behaviour of news record editing in the backend and the news administration module.


Use routing to generate user readable urls to news, categories, tags, paginized results etc

Breadcrumb menu

Display the current news title in the breadcrumb


Provide a RSS feed promoting your news

ICalendar feed

Provide an iCalendar feed


Enable your editors to link to specific news from anywhere.

Limit content elements

Configure available content element types in news records.

Integrations with TypoScript

Configure available content element types in news records.

Cache clearing

Automatic cache clearing

Predefine values

Learn how to set default values, influence the choices of select fields etc.

Hide detail page

Avoid the detail page in the url and reuse the list page.

Infinite scroll

Ajax based pagination, also known as infinite and endless scrolling