Quick templating in Fluid

EXT:news is using Fluid as templating engine. If you are not experienced with Fluid yet you can read more about it in the chapter Changing & editing templates.

Copy the Fluid templates that you want to adjust to your sitepackage extension.

You find the original templates in EXT:news/Resources/Private/Templates/ and the partials in EXT:news/Resources/Private/Partials/. Never change these templates directly!

To override the standard news templates with your own you can use the TypoScript constants to set the paths:

TypoScript constants
plugin.tx_news {
   view {
      templateRootPath = EXT:mysitepackage/Resources/Private/Extensions/News/Templates/
      partialRootPath = EXT:mysitepackage/Resources/Private/Extensions/News/Partials/
      layoutRootPath = EXT:mysitepackage/Resources/Private/Extensions/News/Layouts/

Add these lines to the file EXT:mysitepackage/Configuration/TypoScript/constants.typoscript in your sitepackage.

EXT:news provides a couple of specific Fluid ViewHelpers. Of course all ViewHelpers provided by TYPO3 can be used as well.

In the tutorial section there are many templating examples.