8.0.0 - 2020/21/04

Support for TYPO3 9 & 10

This version supports TYPO3 9 and 10 LTS only. To ease the upgrade from older installations, the upgrade wizards for news are still kept.

A big thanks to:

  • TYPO3 Academic Committee and especially Doris Leonhardt for organizing sponsorings by various universities: Hochschule Osnabrück, Hochschule Offenburg, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Universität Ulm, Universität Rostock, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Universität Wien, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Technische Universität München, Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, Hochschule Darmstadt
  • Sponsors: webconsulting, Torben Hansen, macopedia, Agenda Open Systems, sitegeist, mediatis, dörler engineering services e.U., Cyberhouse, Elementare Teilchen
  • Individual sponsors: Karavas Aristeidis, Susanne Moog, naderio.de, Damian Ickler, atnexxt, Stephan Salzmann, Rainer Karnowski, Sebastian Klein, Markus Timtner, Fritz Knauf, Marco Bresch, Marc Fell, Andreas Heller, Metin Yilmaz

This release wouldn't have been possible without your support!

Also thanks to Benjamin Franzke and Sebastian Fischer who helped codewise a lot.

Breaking changes

The following changes should be carefully checked.

Removed ViewHelpers

The following Social ViewHelpers have been removed:

  • Disqus
  • GooglePlus
  • Gravatar
  • Twitter
  • Facebook/Comment
  • Facebook/Like
  • Facebook/Share

Remove local xlf files

The translated xlf files have been removed in favor of Crowdin as Language Service. In TYPO3 10 Crowdin is used by default, for 9 Crowdin must be enabled with a feature flag.

Get all information about that at https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/reference-coreapi/master/en-us/ApiOverview/Internationalization/ManagingTranslations.html.

The Crowdin project can be found at https://crowdin.com/project/typo3-extension-news.

Use extension configuration api

Watch out that only the configuration $GLOBALS[’TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTENSION']['news'] is used. The serialized counterpart $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXT']['extConf'] has been deprecated with TYPO3 9 already!

Remove import command

The import command controller has never really been used and has been removed.


Improved SEO features

The TitleTagViewHelper has been migrated to use the PageTitleProvider.

Hreflang on news detail pages

If using languages with the language mode strict, the hreflang tag must only be generated if the according news record is translated as well!

EXT:news reduces the rendered hreflang attributes by using this event and checking the availability of the records.

Check availability in Fluid templates

If you are building a language menu and want to check if the news record is available, you can use the ViewHelper <n:check.pageAvailableInLanguage language="{languageId}">. A full example can look like this:

    <f:for each="{LanguageMenu}" as="item">
        <f:if condition="{item.available}">
            <n:check.pageAvailableInLanguage language="{item.languageId}">
                <li class="language-switch {f:if(condition:item.active, then:'active')}">
                    <a href="{item.link}">{item.navigationTitle}</a>

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2020-04-21 [BUGFIX] Proper mocking of LanguageService in Tests (Commit 8168cbf1 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-21 [TASK] Force composer to use 10.4 (Commit b9bb646c by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-21 [DOC] Further documentation for 8.0.0 (Commit f807d5d4 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-15 [BUGFIX] Adopt max key length for path_segment (Commit 9554b36e by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-15 [BUGFIX] Fix path_segment not set in NewsImportService (#1186) (Commit 50d1f3b7 by Markus Mächler)
2020-04-15 [DOC] Update TS condition for detail page (#1216) (Commit 4d8a0463 by Markus Klein)
2020-04-14 [TASK] Check TYPO3_branch for version info (Commit ed365443 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-10 [DOC] Improve 8.0.0 rst (Commit 2252ce82 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-09 [TASK] Folluwp (Commit 69cf06d8 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-09 [TASK] Follwup (Commit da13a9ef by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-09 [TASK] Properly set up ClassCacheManager in 9 (Commit 70b5e280 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-09 [TASK] Follwup php error (Commit 02ccc9cd by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-09 [FEATURE] Support strict mode for hreflang + language menu (Commit f4dc5de1 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-08 [DOC] Update example about TCAdefaults (Commit ce109636 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-07 [DOC] Start 8.0.0 changelog (Commit 94352cef by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-07 [TASK] Readd title tag vh (Commit fc950092 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-07 [BUGFIX] leave early when no proxy class is set (#1202) (Commit 20a7c13b by Christian Eßl)
2020-04-01 [BUGFIX] Force cache rebuild after clear (Commit d1bab5e1 by Georg Ringer)
2020-04-01 [TASK] Simplify class loader logic (Commit d3c1b85c by Georg Ringer)
2020-03-30 [BUGFIX] Check properly for DI in ClassLoader (Commit ac0cb20c by Georg Ringer)
2020-03-30 [TASK] Remove exclude from l10n_parent (Commit 205cb3ef by Georg Ringer)
2020-03-28 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/8.0' (Commit 10807c7b by Georg Ringer)
2020-03-28 [DOC] fix spelling in doc-code for registerPlugin and flexform path (#1182) (Commit 12946e00 by MonTea)
2020-03-03 [BUGFIX] Flx class loading for 10 (Commit cc8f162d by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-26 Reduce bytes of path_segment INDEX to 225 (#1169) (Commit 93d318cb by Stefan Frömken)
2020-02-26 Add Index to speed up Slug Generation for UpgradeWizard (#1167) (Commit fd17fbde by Stefan Frömken)
2020-02-18 [BUGFIX] Fix update wizards (Commit 03e53e24 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-17 [TASK] Readd slug updates (Commit 6bd900fd by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-16 [TASK] Fix notices (Commit 20a1827d by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-16 [TASK] Fix namespace of tests (Commit 05a58bf1 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-16 [TASK] Remove outdated test (Commit 73be698b by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-15 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1156) (Commit a56524d8 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-15 [BUGFIX] Disable Treeprovider for the moment (Commit c40ea4e8 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-15 [BUGFIX] Force initialize cache (Commit e28d77ef by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-15 [TASK] Add month.html from ext:eventnews to gitignore (Commit 6b003a1d by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-15 [FEATURE] Reenable page title through template (Commit eaa45b8f by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-13 [TASK] Replace all other usages of EmConfiguration (Commit 7320bf04 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-13 [BUGFIX] Add missing ; (Commit 26608149 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-13 Merge branch 'master' into 8.0 (Commit c7951ea6 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-13 [!!!][TASK] Remove usage of \GeorgRinger\News\Utility\EmConfiguration (Commit c8ab6426 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-13 [TASK] Use ::class everywhere (Commit bd7fb248 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-13 [TASK] Add functional tests (Commit e3f52cbb by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-12 [DOC] Better description for "archiveRestriction = active" (#925) (Commit bb89dd28 by esokoll2)
2020-02-12 [TASK] add documentation how to define multiple sitemaps (#1093) (Commit b847e076 by Johannes)
2020-02-09 [!!!][TASK] Remove local xlf files (Commit 38beffc2 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-09 [BUGFIX] Fix #1115: bulk editing of records is not possible since TYPO3 8.x (#1116) (Commit b17358ff by Dmitry Dulepov)
2020-02-09 [TASK] Use group type for l10n_parent (#1142) (Commit c84f2ea3 by Stefan Frömken)
2020-02-09 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1144) (Commit 9c390576 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-09 [TASK] Allow all 10x versions (Commit 5609ade0 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-08 [TASK] Remove init of unused and outdated hook (Commit 3eb81488 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-07 [TASK] Run tests for php 7.4 (Commit f0ca37be by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-07 [BUGFIX] Fix tests for 10 (Commit d4ba706a by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-06 [TASK] Followup (Commit 6bb23010 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-06 [TASK] Followup (Commit 2e8cb8e0 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-06 [TASK] Use void (Commit 2db8eb69 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-06 [TASK] Adopt unit tests (Commit ef671873 by Georg Ringer)
2020-02-03 [BUGFIX] Remove not needed constructor (Commit fc366da6 by Georg Ringer)
2020-01-22 [TASK] Change max width for OG images (Commit 5ce3fbd7 by Georg Ringer)
2020-01-17 [BUGFIX] don't show path_segment when in non live workspace (#1124) (Commit 3981dfc4 by Hannes Bochmann)
2020-01-14 This is to add the possibility to load a footer .js file instead of an header one (#936) (Commit dcb54175 by Nalmar-x)
2020-01-14 [BUGFIX] prevent rendering of html tag if video is rendered (#1121) (Commit 0d77f56a by DerBasti)
2019-12-18 [FEATURE] Use custom page title provider (Commit 2ce0e72f by Georg Ringer)
2019-12-13 [BUGFIX] Skip content elements with negative colPos (Commit 8ae936d6 by Georg Ringer)
2019-12-13 [DOC] Changes in routeEnhancer Documentation regarding pagination to page 1 (#1104) (Commit 9e037721 by esokoll2)
2019-11-19 [BUGFIX] Take account of the fieldname for category relations in AccessControlService (#1057) (Commit 93d07ec2 by Thomas Scholze)
2019-11-19 [BUGFIX] Remove "default" richtextConfiguration from TCA (#934) (Commit ca376ac4 by Io Kon)
2019-10-24 [BUGFIX] Use SlugHelper::generate in order to considerate slug field TCA configuration (#1089) (Commit 964ded3b by Felix Nagel)
2019-10-22 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1087) (Commit f8c3c19a by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-22 [!!!][TASK] Remove import command (Commit b1ae25b2 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-22 [TASK] Remove call to ->showHiddenRecords (Commit 01828d2f by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-22 [BUGFIX] Fix composer validations (Commit e5578b9b by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-22 [BUGFIX] Fix composer validations (Commit 59307366 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-22 [TASK] Replace usage of PATH_site (Commit 49cdc6b0 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-22 [DOC] Updated "extend flexforms" documentation (#1085) (Commit a6656b58 by Naderio)
2019-10-19 [!!!][TASK] Use extension configuration api (Commit 28345b4a by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-19 [TASK] Replace usage of GeneralUtility::devLog (Commit defec1eb by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-19 [TASK] Use LanguageAspect in SimplePrevNextVh (Commit 8b5704cc by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-19 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1081) (Commit d22f36d0 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-19 [TASK] Use proper method to set meta tags (Commit c3fc5f7b by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-19 [BUGFIX] Fix tag assigned in unit test for news (#1073) (Commit 857aee48 by Klaus Hörmann-Engl)
2019-10-19 [!!!][TASK] Remove usage of removed disqus VH (Commit b08d5304 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-19 [!!!][TASK] Set an action in action link of DateMenu (Commit cadc3024 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-19 [TASK] Replace usage of $GLOBALS['TSFE']->tmpl->getFileName (Commit 43469c65 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-17 [BUGFIX] Fix docblock issues (Commit 3237f099 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-15 [TASK] Update TargetLinkViewHelper (Commit 834e1f13 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-13 [BUGFIX] Use correct url (Commit 988072b7 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-13 [TASK] Use proper routing in BE module (Commit 302e5bbd by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-13 [BUGFIX] Fix TCA of checkoxes (Commit e1fbec05 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-13 [TASK] Use proper access to user tsconfig (Commit 534495ba by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-13 [TASK] Use EXT:core instead of EXT:lang (Commit 6ef7294a by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-13 [TASK] Use TYPO3\CMS\Core\Localization\LanguageService (Commit b86286da by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-13 [TASK] Add persistence configuration (Commit 776f6184 by Georg Ringer)
2019-10-10 [BUGFIX] prevent sanitizing title if title is not set in fieldArray (#1063) (Commit 7d61edce by DaRealFreak)
2019-09-30 Update Index.rst (#1058) (Commit 5bd43900 by bahneclaussen)
2019-09-25 [BUGFIX] Use correct time for hrDate in sitemaps (#1056) (Commit 84e73ed7 by Markus Klein)
2019-09-25 [DOC] Add demo template for google news sitemap (#1055) (Commit 13e345ad by Markus Klein)
2019-09-19 [BUGFIX] Remove slash in path_segement of news (TYPO3 8) (#1053) (Commit 0f0feefe by chris)
2019-09-18 [FEATURE] Add Google News mode to xml sitemap provider (#1052) (Commit 5412f2b1 by Markus Klein)
2019-09-18 [BUGFIX] Show internal or external news in shortcut render #1046 (#1047) (Commit 5d6c7320 by Guillaume Germain)
2019-09-17 Return must be an array (#1050) (Commit 21a11d41 by Jo Hasenau)
2019-09-11 [BUGFIX] Return true for executed wizard, also if no update queries necessary (#1033) (Commit 09115be8 by Jörg Kummer)
2019-09-10 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1043) (Commit 42146f61 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [TASK] Remove version check from AddNewsToMenuProcessor (Commit 05899aa7 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [TASK] Add strict type to Url Utility (Commit 8306a75b by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [TASK] Remove 9 checks in php (Commit e17c0a31 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [TASK] Remove check for dd_googlesitemap (Commit eb97a76e by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [TASK] Use new annotations in models (Commit 05a24ef7 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [TASK] Use correct AbstractConditionViewHelper class (Commit 5e5aae0b by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [TASK] Use correct interface in TargetLinkViewHelperTest (Commit 898409b8 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [!!!][TASK] Refactor ViewHelpers (Commit 3514f0a7 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-09 [!!!][TASK] Start migration to 9-10 support (Commit f9e36e39 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-04 [TASK] Add new translations (Commit 1da3b709 by Georg Ringer)
2019-09-03 [TASK] Add crowdin badge (Commit 4d2b91bd by Georg Ringer)
2019-08-30 [TASK] Add a .gitignore (#1029) (Commit b5cf6acb by Oliver Klee)


This list has been created by using git log 7.3.1..HEAD --abbrev-commit --pretty='%ad %s (Commit %h by %an)' --date=short.