The news record is obviously the most important record in this extension.

Add news record

News can be added in the News administration or List module.

By default there are three types of news records:

  • Standard news: These contain the content directly as text or content elements
  • Internal links: The content is stored on a standard typo3 page
  • External page: The content is found outside of the news installation

Standard news

In most projects when you create a new news record it will be automatically a standard news record. To confirm this check that the field Type is set to News. Standard news should usually have a text in the field Text field, some content elements in the Content elements tab and or some media in the Media tab.

News as external page

In some projects the text of the news itself is stored on an external page. The news can still be listed in the list view of the news plugin.

Creating an external page works just like an internal link. However you chose the type External page and enter the external link in the field Link to External URL.

News record

The visible fields depend on

  • The news type (see above)
  • Your user permissions
  • The configuration of your project
  • Third party extensions if applicable




Required! Title of a news record

Top news

News records can be marked as top news if it is an important one. This field can be used for filtering and ordering.


A news record can belong to one of the following types:

  • "News": Default news record
  • "Internal Page": The news record is linked to a regular page.
  • "External Page": The news record is linked to an external URL.

Some fields are only available for a special type.


A teaser text which is shown in the list view and explains the content of the news record in some sentences. Depending on the configuration it is possible that not complete text is shown in the frontend but just a part of it.

Author name

Name of the author

Author email

Email address of the author

Date & Time

Date of the news record


Depending on the configuration this date is used to define if the record is still shown. It is e.g. possible to show only records with an archive date in the past or in the future.


Main content of the news record.

Rich text editor disable

If set, the RTE is disabled and the field "Text" is shown as plain textarea.

Content elements

Add content elements to a news records. This field can be hidden by disabling the setting in Extension Configuration.

Link to this Page

Link to a regular page. This field is only shown with the type "Internal Page".

Link to External URL

Link to an external url. This field is only shown with the type "External Page".


Selection of categories the news record belongs to.


Add tags to the news record. Use the suggest wizard to search for existing tags and to insert new tags. The pid can be set in the Extension Configuration Define pid of tag records tagPid or in TsConfig.

Related News

Define news records which are related to the current one.


Set keywords of this news record, separated with a comma (',')


Define an additional description

Alternative title

If used, this field is used instead of the default tile.

Speaking URL path segment

This field can be used for various scenarios, e.g. in your realurl configuration to set up the URL to the news record.


Media file

This relation handles all media files you want to attach to a news record.



Show in list views

If set, this media element will be rendered in the list view (or where it is desired by changing the templates).


Additional title

Alternative Title

The alternative title is e.g. used for the alt attribute of images


Additional link



Video & audio file