3.0.0 - 2014/05/16

This is a major release supporting TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS. This is also the required version!

Read and follow the section Upgrade procedure carefully!

Upgrade procedure

As a lot of code changed, please backup your site before starting!

Support of FAL

The images are not migrated and can be still used. To do so, set the configuration "Use FAL relations instead of news media elements" in the Extension Manager > news to "Both" or "No" instead of "Yes".

The old way is however deprecated and will be removed in one of the next major versions.

Support of sys categories

The categories can be migrated by using the update wizard in the extension manager.

Templates & TypoScript

  • Templates, Partials & Layouts are now assigned by using templateRootPaths, partialRootPaths and layoutRootPaths which is a new feature of 6.2. Read more about it in the section "Templating".
  • If you enable FAL, you need to adopt your old templates as well!
  • If you experience any problems with your templates, please check out the default templates first to get an idea how it should look now.
  • Remove all DAM related stuff (e.g. calls to ViewHelpers) from the template.

Important changes

A lot of code changed in this version. Therefore it is very likely that the update is not done in 1 minute. The most important changes are:

Support of FAL

FAL is used for the following fields:

  • Media
  • Related files
  • Category images

Support of sys categories

The categories of the Core (sys_category) are now used instead of custom ones. The records are extended with those fields which are needed by "news".


Changes which should be mentioned are:

  • Default TypoScript uses syntax templateRootPaths, partialRootPaths, layoutRootPaths to allow chaining of the templates
  • Support of 'Insert Record' element
  • Add more snippets to the documentation
  • Improve Administration module
  • Use Scrutinizer to document the code quality, see http://scrutinizer-ci.com/g/TYPO3-extensions/news/
  • If you want to migrate from EXT:tt_news, install EXT:news_ttnewsimport
  • Search in administration module & frontend makes use of the time restriction
  • The importer for tt_news has been removed to a separate extension with the key "news_ttnewsimport" which can be found in the TER or on github (https://github.com/fsaris/news_ttnewsimport).
  • DAM support has been completely removed

All Changes

2014-05-16 [TASK] Make it again dependend on 6.2.2 (Commit e0c5cf1)
2014-05-16 [DOC] Add snippet how to skip controller & action (Commit 836b4e1)
2014-05-16 [TASK] Followup unit test (Commit 99ab45d)
2014-05-16 [TASK] UnitTest for LinkViewHelper (Commit a7df6a0)
2014-05-16 [TASK] Correct overloading of settings in link generation (Commit f4f272c)
2014-05-15 [BUGFIX] update categories in flexforms (Commit 344337f)
2014-05-15 [BUGFIX] Fixed broken tests (Commit 46a896b)
2014-05-14 [BUGFIX] TemplateLayout not shown in content element preview (Commit 6a2c448)
2014-05-15 [TASK] Make fields alternativTitle & pathSegment exluded=1 (Commit 1842967)
2014-05-07 [FEATURE] Add Vimeo support (Commit 1b5cbac)
2014-05-14 [BUGFIX] Sprite icon not shown (Commit b42df44)
2014-05-14 [TASK] Set clearCacheOnLoad = 1 to ext_emconf.php (Commit ca4b76a)
2014-05-13 [TASK] Depend on TYPO3 CMS 6.2.3 to avoid security issues (Commit bd9f702)
2014-05-12 [BUFGIX] Support FAL images in category importer (Commit 25ec7ae)
2014-05-08 [CLEANUP] Make proper use of TCA for FAL persistence (Commit e60eaf1)
2014-05-09 [BUGFIX] Wrong default pageModuleFieldsNews value for categories (Commit 4628fa2)
2014-05-08 [BUGFIX] Fixed wrong use of global vars in ext_tables.php (Commit 336502a)
2014-05-07 [BUGFIX] Remove itemsProcFunc user_MediaType reference (Commit 3a08c97)
2014-05-08 [BUGFIX] Settingsservice must not be a singleton (Commit 6e3f008)
2014-05-08 [FEATURE] Timerestriction high for administration module (Commit bb986c9)
2014-05-08 [BUGFIX] Generate moduleToken for administration module (Commit f141f33)
2014-05-02 [TASK] Clear CF by tx_news tag as well (Commit b874a6a)
2014-05-02 [BUGFIX] Improve SocialDisqusVH Test (Commit 9060a16)
2014-05-02 [BUGFIX] Adopt TS for Insert Record (Commit 05af827)
2014-04-30 [FEATURE] Add tstamp/crdate to importer (Commit 5a85c18)
2014-04-24 [TASK] Cleanup unneeded database columns (Commit 259ea08)
2014-04-23 [CLEANUP] Tags are not translatable so remove l10n_mode (Commit f572353)
2014-04-18 [BUGFIX] Properly name hook class (Commit 1cff762)
2014-04-17 [CLEANUP] Cleanup caching configuration and usage (Commit 22d519a)
2014-04-17 [CLEANUP] Remove Database table definitions for cache (Commit 6f51eab)
2014-04-17 [TASK] Optimize TCA additions and ext_tables.php (Commit 4c90de4)
2014-04-17 [FEATURE] Make timerestriction field configurable (Commit 841f2bb)
2014-04-17 [BUGFIX] Add ws fields to tag table (Commit 6151939)
2014-04-16 [BUGFIX] Get rid of deprecation messages for wizards (Commit 6eb1ba1)
2014-04-16 [BUGFIX] Remove deprecation messages regarding cache manager (Commit 550f082)
2014-04-16 [BUGFIX] Invalid RSS language definition (Commit 57284b2)
2014-04-11 [BUGFIX] Change l10n_mode for type,external/internal url (Commit ce5756a)
2014-04-11 [DOC] Document drawbacks of Extbase & languages (Commit 856f5d0)
2014-04-11 [BUGFIX] Check existance of media elemens in importer (Commit ce6c539)
2014-04-10 [TASK] Use templateRootPaths, partialRootPaths and layoutRootPaths (Commit f1aa87b)
2014-04-08 [BUGFIX] TreeDataProvider::isCategoryAllowed() wrong check (Commit 3a93fe7)
2014-04-05 [BUGFIX] Missing property mapping for CType (Commit cbc47a3)
2014-04-05 [BUGFIX] Unknown function: Tx_News_Utility_Page line 51, getTreeList (Commit dcbd2c0)
2014-04-02 [TASK] Test for TagController (Commit dcc65f1)
2014-04-01 [TASK] More tests (Commit 31f5847)
2014-04-01 [TASK] Improve page module layout (Commit 0aabf11)
2014-04-01 [TASK] Do funcational tests in a correct way (Commit cc7710b)
2014-04-01 [BUGFIX] First category image (Commit 9e2fc70)
2014-04-01 [TASK] More unit tests (Commit f52cd2b)
2014-04-01 [TASK] UnitTest (Commit 1095df3)
2014-04-01 [TASK] Followup (Commit 5279070)
2014-04-01 [FEATURE] Add min/max date for search (Commit 315519a)
2014-03-11 [FEATURE] Add check in detail action if news belongs to right page (Commit 8064c98)
2014-04-01 [TASK] Documentation improvements (Commit ab6ed85)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Improve code quality (Commit a766b8a)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Followup (Commit 877d132)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Improve code quality (Commit 7764714)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Followup (Commit 95ccea5)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Improve code (Commit ec301b9)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Use namespaced classes (Commit 0e25835)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Remove tt_news importer, handled in news_ttnewsimport (Commit ce24c66)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Remove DAM relations (Commit 6e8e5da)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Improve code quality (Commit 2367c0b)
2014-03-31 [TASK] Improve code quality (Commit 2120c6d)
2014-03-31 [DOC] Improve Documentation for 3.0 release (Commit 359072a)
2014-03-30 [TASK] Followup cleanup for sys_category usage (Commit efb6169)
2014-03-30 [TASK] Use travis only for master branch (Commit 3448383)
2014-03-07 [!!!][TASK] Use sys_category (Commit 7059c16)
2014-03-27 [TASK] Use namespaces classes (Commit be65a69)
2014-03-27 [TASK] Followup (Commit d02a11c)
2014-03-26 [TASK] Check empty limit in admin module (Commit c25164d)
2014-03-26 [DOC] Documentation about EM configs (Commit afcfb62)
2014-03-26 [TASK] Cleanup (Commit db48893)
2014-03-26 [TASK] Remove Tx_News_Utility_Compatibility (Commit 8cb73ba)
2014-03-07 [TASK] Move TCA to new format (Commit df04ae1)
2014-03-25 [BUGFIX] Typecast returnStatus to integer (Commit 0493340)
2014-03-24 [BUGFIX] Fix sql query creation for 6.2 (Commit 5689b68)
2014-03-24 [BUGFIX] Apply class attribute of ViewHelper correctly (Commit 5e22ec5)
2014-03-24 [BUGFIX] Use correct date in rss (Commit 0056768)
2014-03-21 [BUGFIX] Wrong fieldname in sys_file_reference (Commit 2250687)
2014-03-20 [TASK] Add fe group to importService (Commit bb4bd66)
2014-03-19 [Test] Followup (Commit 6395c98)
2014-03-19 [BUGFIX] Make excludeALreadyDisplayedNews work in multilanguage sites (Commit d1282c5)
2014-03-17 [TASK] Fix test base class v2 (Commit debd3be)
2014-01-29 [BUGFIX] Add initialOffset to calculation (Commit 0b5a6c1)
2014-03-17 [TASK] Fix test base class (Commit 3fcf88f)
2014-03-17 [FEATURE] Pagination for BE module (Commit c80aa21)
2014-03-11 [BUGFIX] Add cache tags only for news record in detail action (Commit 8d73bf7)
2014-03-11 [BUGFIX] Broken Import module because of CSRF protection (Commit 6e73f7c)
2014-03-11 [TASK] Adopt CF classes to namespaces (Commit 7ab1432)
2014-03-11 [TASK] Use namespaced classes in ext_local/tables.php (Commit c2aa6e8)
2014-03-07 [DOC] Remove old sxw doc (Commit 3332709)
2014-03-07 [FEATURE] Create tags in admin module (Commit 91b5a13)
2014-03-07 [TASK] Improve styling of BE module (Commit 4118e10)
2014-03-07 [BUGFIX] Change order of TS configuration (Commit 05ce750)
2014-03-07 [FEATURE] Add nonFalMediaPreviews (Commit 74dc090)
2014-03-07 [BUGFIX] Change tca for media table (Commit 88f5ffe)
2014-03-07 [TASK] Improve CmsLayout (Commit 41b758a)
2014-03-07 [FEATURE] Add tag filter option in flexforms (Commit 0ac59c8)
2014-03-07 [BUGFIX] Remove JS table_sort in BE (Commit be78d32)
2014-03-07 [DOC] Category rootline in FE (Commit d37ae27)
2014-03-04 [FEATURE] Add author to demand object (Commit 9082ef0)
2014-03-05 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong date in RSS feed (Commit 9a9267f)
2014-03-05 [TASK] Improve CGL nitpicks (Commit df16071)
2014-03-04 [TASK] Improve CGL (Commit cd71942)
2014-03-04 [TASK] Change scrutinizer img src (Commit 122c5b8)
2014-03-04 [TASK] Add scrutinizer config (Commit b29efa0)
2014-02-28 [TASK] Replace orderByRespectTopNews with topNewsFirst in TypoScript setup (Commit 3247eed)
2014-03-04 [TASK] Improve code quality (Commit 16d62e6)
2014-03-04 [TESTS] Add more tests (Commit a1b60dd)
2014-03-04 [TASK] Improve code quality (Commit d2d9944)
2014-02-28 [DOC] Update documentation because cObject RECORDS don't provides "if" directly (Commit 5c460b2)
2014-02-28 [DOC] Add additional configuration to RealURL advanced example to avoid action and controller in URL of detail view (Commit 01bfb39)
2014-02-28 [BUGFIX] Move persistence configuration form tx_news to tx_extbase (Commit 3406ea0)
2014-02-18 [TASK] Add scrutinizer image (Commit afa3900)
2014-02-12 [BUGFIX] Datemenu should use getDateField() (Commit f74f142)
2014-02-11 [TASK] CHange field for fal (Commit dbf88d2)
2014-02-11 [BUGFIX] Check for result in date menu to avoid PHP errors (Commit 9a5a37a)
2014-02-07 Revert "[TASK] Translation Hebrew" (Commit ca9900f)
2014-02-07 [TASK] Translation Hebrew (Commit f80b6ca)
2014-02-05 [TASK] Increase size of title + teaser field (Commit f36428d)
2014-02-03 [!!!][TASK] Improve metatag VH (Commit 1d14c5d)
2014-02-03 [BUGFIX] Catch Exception with files and umlauts in file (Commit 2bf1415)
2014-02-03 [TASK] Change CSS class typo3-dblist to t3-table (Commit 4e33cbf)
2014-02-03 [TASK] Raise requirement to 6.2 (Commit b399c8b)
2014-01-30 [TASK] Adopt og:description tag (Commit 8bfebcc)
2014-01-29 [TASK] Allow fullscreen in renderer videoSites (Commit 7bdf187)
2014-01-29 [FEATURE] Display order in Tag->list in Page module (Commit df0ce38)
2014-01-29 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong order field for Tag->list (Commit 0f0d9e2)
2014-01-29 [BUGFIX] Fix not found classes in 6.x during install (Commit ca6f681)
2014-01-28 [TASK] Change repo urls (Commit c4b3bf4)
2014-01-24 [TASK] Raise limit for relatedFiles, relatedLinks (Commit 376c691)
2014-01-24 [TASK] Add some basic tests for the FAL stuff (Commit bfc3486)
2014-01-20 [TASK] Adopt Administration template for 6.x (Commit 47f8b02)
2014-01-17 [BUGFIX] Change code to fix failing test (Commit b60b1ca)
2013-11-20 [FEATURE] Add FAL support (Commit a82f5ca)
2014-01-13 [FEATURE] VH to check if current item is active (Commit 32ba01e)
2014-01-13 [DOC] Document modulo feature (Commit e319e70)
2014-01-13 [FEATURE] Support of 'Insert Record' element (Commit 67443e7)
2014-01-10 [BUGFIX] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() (Commit c71369d)
2014-01-10 [BUGFIX] Importer creates new translated records on every run (Commit f259a71)
2014-01-09 [TASK] Add iterator by default in List.html (Commit b023e31)
2014-01-07 [DOC] Improve width/height section (Commit ae96fb9)
2013-12-28 [DOC] Improved back link snippet (Commit d6f7a15)
2013-12-25 [TASK] Use correct property disqusLocale (Commit 81153b7)
2013-12-25 [TASK] Remove frameborder attribute if HTML5 (Commit 97ff647)
2013-12-25 [TASK] Improve CVL (Commit 84f3170)
2013-12-13 [TASK] Raise requirements (Commit 1ac0088)
2013-12-13 [BUGFIX] Workaround for travis git troubles (Commit bb9745e)


This list has been created by using:

git log --since="2013/12/12" --abbrev-commit --pretty='%ad %s (Commit %h)' --date=short