9.1.0 - 11th November 2021

Important features

Twitter Bootstrap v5 templates

Thanks to Carsten Hager who provided templates variants based on Twitter Boostrap v5 which have been added next to the TWBv3 templates.

Improved manual

Thanks to Lina Wolf who updated the documentation and provided lots of additional information!

Support of lazy loading images

The following TypoScript configuration has been added which are used in the templates.

plugin.tx_news.settings {
    list.media.image.lazyLoading = {$styles.content.image.lazyLoading}
    detail.media.image.lazyLoading = {$styles.content.image.lazyLoading}

If EXT:fluid_styled_content is not set, provide the configuration yourself.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2021-11-10 [BUGFIX] Return description of media #1643 (Commit 977c0dfa by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-10 [DOC] Add suggestion for fluid_styled_content #1642 (Commit 40b1623d by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-10 [DOC] Mention the twb5 templates in the according docs (Commit 66428004 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-10 [TASK] Add description for suggestion instead of version information (Commit 6b5d0fd6 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-10 [DOC] Add example how FAL properties can be rendered (Commit d393772b by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-10 [TASK] Add addQueryString:1 to TWB5 pagination (Commit 8ba5623d by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-10 [DOCS] Explain concept of "Demands" (#1638) (Commit 90f6aad8 by Lina Wolf)
2021-11-05 [BUGFIX] Handle hreflang event only if news is found #1532 (Commit f63e4408 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 [BUGFIX] Use correct alt/title for list items in TWB variants (Commit 40e97f12 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 [FEATURE] Support lazy loading for images (Commit 061c3968 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1637) (Commit 4221725b by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 [BUGFIX] Fix #1400: make mod.web_list.deniedNewTables/mod.web_list.allowedNewTables work again (#1401) (Commit fe0cb3f5 by Dmitry Dulepov)
2021-11-05 [BUGFIX] AbstractDemandedRepository::countDemanded uses generateQuery (Commit 95f8eb09 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 [TASK] Support workspaces for tags #1397 (Commit 0c4b8b45 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 [TASK] Add option uniqueInPid to slug options #1298 (Commit a22f5f36 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 [BUGFIX] Fix SQL definition for related_link (#1436) (Commit 16be8bf1 by Eric Chavaillaz)
2021-11-05 [TASK] Remove non existing opengraph tags #1264 (Commit 08b95e37 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-05 [BUGFIX] Respect categories from demand (#1555) (Commit 770c2ee2 by Thomas Helmrich)
2021-11-03 [DOCS] Modernize Page "Save & Preview" (#1634) (Commit 71c4e3a1 by Lina Wolf)
2021-11-01 [BUGFIX] Allow null for News::contentElements (Commit a4ff4ac6 by Georg Ringer)
2021-11-01 [Docs] Improve documentation content (#1628) (Commit 29004c02 by Lina Wolf)
2021-10-26 [BUGFIX] Proper migration of ExtensionUtility::configurePlugin #1617 (Commit 49732f58 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-26 [DOC] Improve example for proxy class generation #1576 (Commit 3c85c812 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-26 [BUGFIX] Add querystring to pagination links #1618 (Commit 9297aa56 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-26 [DOCS] Fix Syntax, bring rst up to date (#1620) (Commit b241a78c by Lina Wolf)
2021-10-26 [FEATURE] Bootstrap 5 Templates (Commit f65b09bf by Carsten Hager)
2021-10-25 Fix code examples (#1615) (Commit 0639533d by Lina Wolf)
2021-10-25 [DOC] Fix date in release notes (Commit a9f5752c by Georg Ringer)


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