9.0.0 - 23th October 2021

Support for TYPO3 10 && 11

This version fully supports TYPO3 10 and 11 LTS. Due to a lot of changes it might be that small issues still might occur. Please report those at https://github.com/georgringer/news/issues!

Breaking changes

The following changes should be carefully checked.

Removed ViewHelpers

The ViewHelpers <n:widget.paginate> and <n:widget.ajax.paginateAdditionalParams> have been removed as widget ViewHelpers have been removed with TYPO3 11 (see https://docs.typo3.org/c/typo3/cms-core/master/en-us/Changelog/11.0/Breaking-92529-AllFluidWidgetFunctionalityRemoved.html).

Take a look at the default templates for a migration

<f:if condition="{settings.list.paginate.insertAbove}">
    <f:render partial="List/Pagination" arguments="{pagination: pagination.pagination, paginator: pagination.paginator}" />
<f:for each="{pagination.paginator.paginatedItems}" as="newsItem" iteration="iterator">
    <f:render partial="List/Item" arguments="{newsItem: newsItem,settings:settings,iterator:iterator}" />
<f:if condition="{settings.list.paginate.insertBelow}">
    <f:render partial="List/Pagination" arguments="{pagination: pagination.pagination, paginator: pagination.paginator}" />

Use the extension numbered_pagination (https://extensions.typo3.org/extension/numbered_pagination) to get a better pagination, like showing only 10 pages at a time.

Changed ImageSizeViewHelper

The view-helper to retrieve image related information like width/height has been changed. The attribute image is now required. The following changes have been done in the default templates and can be duplicated to the custom templates:


<f:variable name="ogImagePath" value="{f:uri.image(src:'{newsItem.firstPreview.uid}', treatIdAsReference:1, maxWidth:'1200')}" />
   forceAbsoluteUrl="1" />
<n:metaTag property="og:image:width" content="{n:imageSize(property:'width', image:'{ogImagePath}')}" />
<n:metaTag property="og:image:height" content="{n:imageSize(property:'height', image:'{ogImagePath}')}" />


<f:if condition="{newsItem.firstPreview}">
   <f:variable name="ogImage" value="{f:uri.image(image:newsItem.firstPreview, absolute:1, maxWidth: '1920', maxHeight: '1920')}" />
   <enclosure url="{ogImage}" length="{n:imageSize(property:'size',image:ogImage)}" type="{newsItem.firstPreview.originalResource.mimeType}"/>

Switch from signals to events

Events are now used instead of signals

Drop setting skipControllerAndAction

The setting settings.link.skipControllerAndAction is not evalulated anymore as it should be removed by the routing configuration.

Improved code quality

The code quality has been improved by adding more return types

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2021-10-23 [TASK] Add tests running in PHP8 & TYPO3 dev-master (Commit 9058745d by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-22 [TASK] Allow more pagination implementations (#1610) (Commit d009a903 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-22 [TASK] Make tests work in v11 (Commit 9fe96a48 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-22 [DOC] Improve changelog for 9.0 (Commit be266618 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-22 [TASK] Allow rx_shariff v14 (Commit d5e3941f by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-17 [DOC] use english words in example (Commit a3ce7bae by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-17 [DOC] Fix typo in docs (Commit 52d6122e by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-12 [TASK] Update Index.rst to clarify usage of "previewHiddenRecords" (#1591) (Commit d3a9dd0c by Markus)
2021-10-11 [TASK] Add tca for tx_news_related_news (Commit ab936766 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-11 [TASK] Import namespace in AdministrationController (Commit 95cc7454 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-07 [BUGFIX] Leave slash at the beginning of the image path in TYPO3 11 to be in sync with the paths which get retrieved by $assetCollector->getMedia() in ImageSizeViewHelper (#1587) (Commit 3eb0c8ec by chris)
2021-10-07 Improve backend module for TYPO3 11.5 (#1588) (Commit 53923eab by Johannes)
2021-10-06 [BUGFIX] Use own check for firstpartofstr (Commit 27a191b0 by Georg Ringer)
2021-10-05 [TASK] Use GeneralUtility::isFirstPartOfStr in ClassLoader (Commit 94a21ec9 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-28 [TASK] Replace deprecated string util methods (#1583) (Commit 9ad81c70 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-28 [BUGFIX] Add timeRestrictionHigh to overrideFlexformSettingsIfEmpty (Commit feef53ef by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-17 [!!!][TASK] Change headline in detail from h3 to h1 (Commit d6a8bd6b by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-16 [ FEATURE ] In Detail view showing related news sorted by sorting foreign #1563 (#1565) (Commit 686a9e5f by Robert von Hackwitz)
2021-09-15 [!!!][TASK] Rework ImageSizeViewHelper (Commit 9cff6564 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-15 [BUGFIX] Followup variable check (Commit 7e362528 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-15 [BUGFIX] Add more type checks (Commit c1eb4645 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-15 [BUGFIX] Check variables in PageLayoutView before accessing (Commit 1117f480 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-15 [TASK] Remove outdated softref configuration (Commit e003bc18 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-14 [TASK] Check for array key (Commit d46c41c6 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-07 [TASK] Add explicit keys on subclasses registration (#1562) (Commit b899ae37 by Eric Chavaillaz)
2021-09-07 [!!!][FEATURE] Switch from signal to event (#1567) (Commit 96bfe0a6 by Gerrit Mohrmann)
2021-09-07 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1572) (Commit fbc2b8c9 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-07 [TASK] Remove extensionmanager from functional test ext loading (#1573) (Commit b04cee28 by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-07 [TASK] Remove dev-master from ci.yml (Commit a1b84bdb by Georg Ringer)
2021-09-07 [BUGFIX] Remove not available softref from tca (#1568) (Commit 7bc86a4b by Gerrit Mohrmann)
2021-09-07 [DOC] Fixed little typo in example (#1569) (Commit 0e7cca7e by Volker)
2021-09-01 [DOC] Fix subclass registration (#1560) (Commit 2e003608 by iresults-tma)
2021-08-15 [TASK] Switch from SignalSlot to Event in Importer classes (#1554) (Commit aa6f0db4 by Gerrit Mohrmann)
2021-08-12 [TASK] Remove deprecated usages (Commit 3403a4c2 by Gerrit Mohrmann)
2021-07-29 [TASK] EmConfiguration can't be autowired (Commit 8ad5d463 by Georg Ringer)
2021-07-27 [TASK] Handle access control for newer Apache versions (#1544) (Commit 06f3d908 by Sybille Peters)
2021-07-22 [BUGFIX] Fix namespace issue in AdministrationController (Commit bc1e759b by Georg Ringer)
2021-07-22 Merge branch '11' (Commit 6f207e09 by Georg Ringer)
2021-05-20 [TASK] Move setting modification to different call (Commit 70a58bc5 by Georg Ringer)
2021-05-12 [BUGFIX] Properly set permissions (Commit 6412442a by Georg Ringer)
2021-05-12 [BUGFIX] Reset tabledata in page layout hook (Commit b1e2e0cf by Georg Ringer)
2021-05-11 [BUGFIX] Use ObjectManager in Administration module (Commit d8ab1b90 by Georg Ringer)
2021-05-06 [BUGFIX] Proper compare in BackendUtility (Commit 2871820e by Georg Ringer)
2021-04-03 [TASK] Further code improvements (Commit 5bfb1bd1 by Christoph Lehmann)
2021-03-29 Symfony Dependency Injection (DI) (#1503) (Commit 6fbc2d02 by AKaravas)
2021-03-21 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#1496) (Commit 4426ffc8 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 11 (Commit e2522f5d by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-21 [TASK] Rename typoscript & tsconfig files (Commit 6fcd2975 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-16 [BUGFIX] Make numberedpagination optional (Commit e0d3afd0 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-16 [BUGFIX] Fix return type error for related #1482 (Commit 25fffdef by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-16 Update composer.json (Commit fcbe1f23 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-11 [BUGFIX] Replace usage of self (Commit ccb75ca1 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-11 [TASK] Change github action ubuntu version (Commit 38c4a933 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-11 [BUGFIX] Make the admin module work (Commit b9a7caee by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-09 [BUGFIX] Use correct composer dependencies (Commit 95903049 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-03 [BUGFIX] Set categories only as array (Commit a0b7f58f by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-03 [BUGFIX] Allow nullable return value of category (Commit 559708fb by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-03 [DOC] Update example to extend news types #1381 (Commit d0f7f391 by Georg Ringer)
2021-03-03 [BUGFIX] Use correct attribute in MetaTagViewHelper (Commit e42d3705 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-25 [BUGFIX] Show tag count in twb templates #1044 (Commit cdaff6bc by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-24 [!!!][BUGFIX] Remove setting skipControllerAndAction (Commit ab5c6d1c by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-22 [BUGFIX] Set proper types (Commit d87fd0a8 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-22 [BUGFIX] Fix failing functional test (Commit a32280d8 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-22 [TASK] Check functional tests (Commit c8bf3ac4 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-22 [TASK] Remove gitlab-ci.yml (Commit 31117381 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [TASK] Work on better types (Commit f3020f1a by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [TASK] Improve code by using psalm (Commit 2c424b91 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [TASK] Add typo3 dev-master (Commit 759534d9 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [TASK] Allow more versions in github actions (Commit 83dae3cd by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [BUGFIX] Fix more type issues (Commit 8f3b8597 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [BUGFIX] Improve types (Commit 59d45e84 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [BUGFIX] Add missing return types (Commit a7436b18 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [TASK] Add return types (Commit b992ddf5 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [TASK] Switch to github actions instead of travis (Commit 0f391d5d by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-17 [FEATURE] Use new pagination implementation (Commit 434a43bc by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-16 [BUGFIX] Limit flexform fields for new records as well (Commit 98b5fa1b by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-16 [TASK] Improve code by php-cs-fixer (Commit 85429fa8 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-16 [TASK] Improve code quality with rector (Commit 59d20395 by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-16 [!!!][TASK] Remove all widget ViewHelpers (Commit 82b69a9b by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-16 [TASK] Allow version 10-11 (Commit 760505dc by Georg Ringer)
2021-02-12 [TASK] Remove interfaces from TCA (Commit 3ee96b03 by Georg Ringer)


This list has been created by using git log $(git describe --tags --abbrev=0)..HEAD --abbrev-commit --pretty='%ad %s (Commit %h by %an)' --date=short.