List module

You can also use the List module to create and edit news records. The choice depends on what modules you have permissions to use, your personal experience or choice.

The List module is more powerful then then the News Administration module in some aspects, however it might be less tailored to the specific use case. This depends on how the project was set up.

Create a news storage folder

News records are usually stored in pages of the type folder. A folder itself cannot be displayed in the frontend. Its content can however be displayed on other pages through a plugin or TypoScript configuration.

Create a page of type folder by dragging a the folder symbol on top of the page tree into the desired position. Then give it a name and enable the folder in the context menu.

The folder can be displayed with a certain symbol such that folders containing news can be easily recognized.

Open the page properties by choosing Edit from the context menu.

Then go to the field Behaviour > Contains Plugin and chose News. After saving the folder record the symbol of the folder changes. If this field is not visible to you, you might lack permissions. In this case an administrator needs to set the field.

Add the first news record to a new folder

When there is no news record found in the folder yet, the table News is not visible yet. In that case click the plus button Create a new record on the top left of the list module area.

Chose News system > News from the list. Edit and save the news record as usual. The same strategy can be used to add News system > Tags and News system > Tags.

Add subsequent news records to a folder

When a folder contains at least one news record it displays a table called News in the list module.

At the top of this table you can find the New record button. Click this button to create a news record directly.

Edit a news record

At the right of each listed news record you can edit, hide / unhide or delete a record by clicking the corresponding button. By clicking on the icon of the news you can also find a context menu with more options.

Download news as CSV or JSON

Starting with TYPO3 version 11 you can conveniently download all or a selection of news records to a comma-separated (CSV) file format that can be easily imported into excel. Click the Download button on the top right of the news table in the list module, make your choice click Download.

Mass editing

Mass editing can come handy when you want to change many news records at once. The process differs between TYPO3 11.5 and older versions however.

Read the chapter on mass editing in the T YPO3 editors manual and chose the version of TYPO3 you are using from the top left version chooser.