6.1.0 - 2017/08/31

After a far too long time I managed to get a release out again. 6.1. is compatible with 7.6 LTS and 8 LTS and also supports the development version of 9 as long as the extension typo3db_legacy is installed.

Important changes

Add a new action "selectedList"

A new action makes it possible to render a list of custom selected news items. An editor can choose any amount of news records which are shown in the provided order.

The following changes are worth mentioning.

Configurable filters for the administration module

By using TsConfig it is now possible to hide filters in the administration module. The full configuration is:

tx_news.module {
    filters {
        searchWord = 1
        timeRestriction = 1
        topNewsRestriction = 1
        hidden = 1
        archived = 1
        sortingField = 1
        number = 1
        categories = 1
        categoryConjunction = 1
        includeSubCategories = 1


Page data to Fluid templates

Every frontend Fluid template can now access the full row of the current page by checking the variable pageData. As an example you will get the page title by using pageData.title.

All Changes

This is a list of all changes in this release:

2017-08-28 [TASK] Added add/remove function for tag in news model (#402) (Commit 15e396d by Torben Hansen)
2017-08-24 FIX: typo (#407) (Commit 66a11fd by Philipp Kitzberger)
2017-08-24 FIX: typo (#408) (Commit 0ef6f52 by Philipp Kitzberger)
2017-08-09 SimplePrevNextViewHelper with custom sortField doesn't work (#399) (Commit 35494ed by ayacoo)
2017-08-09 [BUGFIX] Preserve labels for CMS 9 (Commit 4db7d4d by Georg Ringer)
2017-08-08 [FEATURE] Make it possible to hide filters in backend module (#381) (Commit 9d88629 by Shakeshake)
2017-08-08 [TASK] Move TCA to correct file (Commit b46d7df by Georg Ringer)
2017-08-08 [DOC] Example how to migrate realurl alias (Commit 89e418f by Georg Ringer)
2017-08-08 [DOC] Followup (Commit 60d3449 by Georg Ringer)
2017-08-08 [DOC] Fix Category page (Commit b8a7a77 by Georg Ringer)
2017-08-08 [DOC] Fix wrong syntax (Commit 15deb4d by Georg Ringer)
2017-07-26 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong path for Rss feed configuration (#319) (Commit 6a997bc by Martin Hummer)
2017-07-25 [TASK] Fix small typo in news controller (#366) (Commit c83f7d8 by ayacoo)
2017-07-25 [TASK] Add a title attribute to the label (#359) (Commit a5d4d30 by Daniel)
2017-07-25 [BUGFIX] Re-Enable image cropping tool for fal_media in TYPO3 8.7 (#362) (Commit 3b6f6e5 by Torben Hansen)
2017-07-25 Fix indentation inconsistency (#370) (Commit 3a41f6b by Jan Nils Ferner)
2017-07-25 [DOC] Add missing inject annotation in example (Commit cf70cf9 by Georg Ringer)
2017-07-15 [TASK] Make the ObjectViewHelper work with CMS9 (Commit 4a6aa84 by Georg Ringer)
2017-07-14 [FEATURE] Add page data to Fluid templates (Commit 0e0204c by Georg Ringer)
2017-07-14 [TASK] Fix typo in NewsController (#380) (Commit 8d633c0 by Shakeshake)
2017-07-14 Fix mixed up type numbers (#378) (Commit 3263050 by diego)
2017-07-14 [TASK] Fix emconf issues (#379) (Commit f288f3f by Shakeshake)
2017-07-11 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong Fluid inline syntax in List.xml (#374) (Commit 3767f6e by Armin Vieweg)
2017-07-11 [BUGFIX] Fix typo in List.xml template (#373) (Commit d524a1a by Armin Vieweg)
2017-07-03 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#367) (Commit a1159b9 by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-29 [FEATURE] Make showing thumbnails configurable (Commit 6669043 by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-29 [TASK] Disable xdebug in travis (Commit a708dc5 by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-27 [BUGFIX] Don't show warning in CE preview (Commit 4988121 by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-27 [TASK] Register "insert records" in TCA overrides file (#354) (Commit 84b35fe by Markus Klein)
2017-06-26 [BUGFIX] Exclude html ctype from IRRE preview (Commit b42a0f3 by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-14 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#353) (Commit ea9881b by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-14 [TASK] Change version to 6.1.0-dev (Commit 1cbc9fa by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-13 [BUGFIX] Resolve EXT: in path to error template (Commit 04bf045 by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-13 [DOC] Example of category menu with TS (Commit 81fdce1 by Bernd Wilke)
2017-06-13 [BUGFIX] Fix wrong evaluation in IfIsActiveVh (Commit 2440fbc by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-09 [TASK] Show selected news in page layout view (Commit 587d753 by Georg Ringer)
2017-06-07 [BUGFIX] Fix path to icon label in admin module (Commit 4477011 by Georg Ringer)
2017-05-30 [FIX] Set correct outdated ViewHelpers (#340) (Commit 81db33f by misterboe)
2017-05-29 [BUGFIX] Fix a typo in the 6.0.0 changelog (#339) (Commit faa69cc by Stephan Brun)
2017-05-23 [TASK] Allow PHP 5.6 again (Commit 1bc43d0 by Georg Ringer)
2017-05-22 [FEATURE] Add a new view "selectedList" (Commit 961f5f8 by Georg Ringer)
2017-05-16 [DOC] Add missing namespace (#326) (Commit 25f2c77 by misterboe)
2017-05-16 [TASK] CHeck if tokenizer is available #325 (Commit 9e3f912 by Georg Ringer)
2017-05-08 [TASK] Update tests on GitLab ci (#322) (Commit 2ed604a by Jan Kiesewetter)
2017-05-02 [BUGFIX] Always provide category and tag values for list signal (#318) (Commit 0a218a3 by Benjamin Kott)
2017-05-02 Fix documentation about updateFlexforms hook (#294) (Commit a439613 by Markus Poerschke)
2017-05-02 [BUGFIX] Don't extend pid list for startingpoint=-1 (#272) (Commit 6cd1b79 by Georg Tiefenbrunn)
2017-05-02 [TASK] Mark import command as cli only (Commit 505b42f by Georg Ringer)
2017-05-02 [FEATURE] Filter internal & external news in pagination (Commit d552a61 by Georg Ringer)
2017-05-02 Import service fix (#303) (Commit b9f0e1d by John)
2017-05-02 Added missing namespace in Social VH (#284) (Commit 1aa3bc0 by cvisys)
2017-05-02 Corrections in changelog (#313) (Commit 46ebd1f by Gerhard Rupp)
2017-04-24 [BUGFIX] Fix flexform category restriction FormDataProvider (#312) (Commit c624294 by Josef Glatz)
2017-04-21 [DOC] Update changelog (Commit 4ff1bf8 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-21 [TASK] Prepare 6.0.0 release (Commit 637ccf6 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-12 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#300) (Commit aa34868 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-12 Use nimut/testing-framework (#296) (Commit 1327f25 by Nicole Cordes)
2017-04-12 [BUGFIX] Use correct class in PageLayoutViewTest (Commit ae1c37a by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-10 [BUGFIX] Remove wrong char (Commit f8d05b0 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-10 [BUGFIX] Add caseinsensitive security check for overwriteDemandObject (Commit ee7b252 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-06 Apply fixes from StyleCI (#291) (Commit 6ce56b7 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-06 [BUGFIX] Use correct TCA for fal_media overrideChildTca (Commit 3cebb32 by Georg Ringer)
2017-04-05 Added missing namespace (#286) (Commit ff576cd by cvisys)
2017-04-05 Added missing namepace (#285) (Commit 41351ec by cvisys)
2017-03-25 [DOC] Improve  docs for ical #278 (Commit 3ca73b7 by buxit)
2017-03-25 [BUGFIX] Outcomment _LOCAL_LANG example (Commit e6c4e85 by Georg Ringer)


This list has been created by using git log --since="2017/03/21" --abbrev-commit --pretty='%ad %s (Commit %h by %an)' --date=short.