TSconfig code snippets

Page TSconfig from can be used to influence display and behaviour of fields and forms in the backend. The following examples are for your convenience only, they are possible with any record type in TYPO3. Read more about what you can do with page TSconfig in the TSconfig Reference.

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Setting default values

It is possible to set default values for each field in the backend:

TCAdefaults.tx_news_domain_model_news {
    author = Jon Doe
    notes = Someone forgot to change the notes....


Set a default category

Setting default values also works for categories:

TCAdefaults.tx_news_domain_model_news {
    categories = 9

Limit categories to just one or several roots

In many installations categories are used for multiple purposes. If you want to use certain category trees only in certain page trees or only for your news records, you can set the following

New in version TYPO3 11.4

treeConfig.startingPoints was added with TYPO3 11.4

TCEFORM.tx_news_domain_model_news.categories.config.treeConfig.startingPoints = 8,42

Deprecated since version TYPO3 11.4

Before TYPO3 11.4 it was only possible to set one value as category root:

TCEFORM.tx_news_domain_model_news.categories.config.treeConfig.rootUid = 42

See also TSconfig Reference, treeConfig.

Reduce allowed content elements inside news records

By default, a news entry in TYPO3 allows you to add any available content element inside a news record as additional news content. However, sometimes the website design only allows specific content types to be displayed in a news entry. To restrict the allowed content elements, you can use TsConfig.

To do this, add the following code to your TsConfig:

TCEFORM.tt_content {
   CType {
      # Remove all CTypes from allowed additional news content field 'content_elements'
      removeItems = *

      # allow
      keepItems = mask_news_text, mask_news_video

By default, when you add a new content element inside a news record, TYPO3 sets the CType to the first found content element text. However, since we have restricted the allowed content types, this CType is not allowed here. To set the default CType to mask_news_text, which is one of the allowed content types, you can use the following code:

TCAdefaults {
   tt_content {
      CType = mask_news_text
      colPos = 1