New in version 8.5.0

With version 8.5 a new data processor, LanguageMenuProcessor has been added.

This data processor renders a correct language menu on detail pages, which respects if a news record is translated or not.


10 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\LanguageMenuProcessor
10 {
    as = languageMenu
    addQueryString = 1

11 = GeorgRinger\News\DataProcessing\DisableLanguageMenuProcessor
11 { = GP:tx_news_pi1|news
    menus = languageMenu

The property menus is a comma-separated list of MenuProcessors.

If a language menu is rendered on a detail page and the languages are configured to use a strict mode this data processor can be used:

If no translation exists, the property available in the LanguageMenuProcessor is set to false - just as if the current page is not translated.


See SEO: Language menu on news detail pages.