SessionStorage wrapper

TYPO3 ships a module acting as a wrapper for sessionStorage. It behaves similar to the localStorage, except that the stored data is dropped after the browser session has ended.

The module TYPO3/CMS/Core/Storage/BrowserSession allows to store data in the sessionStorage.


import Client from '@typo3/backend/storage/client';

Client.set('common-prefix-a', 'a');
Client.set('common-prefix-b', 'b');
Client.set('common-prefix-c', 'c');

const entries = Client.getByPrefix('common-prefix-');
// {'common-prefix-a': 'a', 'common-prefix-b': 'b', 'common-prefix-c': 'c'}

API methods

The module is called @typo3/backend/storage/abstract-client-storage, implemented by:

  • @typo3/backend/storage/browser-session

  • @typo3/backend/storage/client


Fetches the data behind the key.


Obtains multiple items prefixed by a given key.

set(key, value)

Sets/overrides a key with any arbitrary content.

isset(key) (bool)

Checks if the key is in use.


Removes a key from the storage.


Empties all data inside the storage.


Empties all data inside the storage with their keys starting with a prefix.