The TYPO3 Security Team

You can find details about the TYPO3 Security Team at

You can contact the TYPO3 Security Team at .

TYPO3 Core security updates, extension security updates, and unmaintained insecure extensions are announced in formal TYPO3 Security Bulletins.

Reporting a security issue

If you find a security issue in the TYPO3 Core system or in a TYPO3 extension (even if it is your own development), please report it to the TYPO3 Security Team – the Security Team only. Do not disclose the issue in public (for example in mailing lists, forums, on Twitter, your website or any 3rd party website).

The team strives to respond to all reports within 2 working days, but please allow a reasonable amount of time to assess the issue and get back to you with an answer. If you suspect that your report has been overlooked, feel free to submit a reminder a few days after your initial submission.

Extension review

The Security Team does not review extensions. You can engage the TYPO3 GmbH to conduct an independent security audit on your extension or site as a part of their Project Review service

Incident handling

This section provides detailed information about the differences between the TYPO3 Core system and TYPO3 extensions and how the TYPO3 Security Team deals with security issues of those.

Security issues in the TYPO3 Core

If the TYPO3 Security Team gains knowledge about a security issue in the TYPO3 Core system, they work closely together with the developers of the appropriate component of the system, after verifying the problem. A fix for the vulnerability will be developed, carefully tested and reviewed. Together with a public security bulletin, a TYPO3 Core update will be released. Please see next chapter for further details about TYPO3 versions and security bulletins.

Security issues in TYPO3 extensions

When the TYPO3 Security Team receives a report of a security issue in an extension, the issue will be checked in the first stage. If a security problem can be confirmed, the Security Team tries to get in touch with the extension developer and requests a fix. Then one of the following situations usually occurs:

  • the developer acknowledges the security vulnerability and delivers a fix
  • the developer acknowledges the security vulnerability but does not provide a fix
  • the developer refuses to produce a security fix (e.g. because he does not maintain the extension anymore)
  • the developer cannot be contacted or does not react

In the case where the extension author fails to provide a security fix in an appropriate time frame (see below), all affected versions of the extension will be removed from the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) and a security bulletin will be published (see below), recommending to uninstall the extension.

If the developer provides the TYPO3 Security Team with an updated version of the extension, the team reviews the fix and checks if the problem has been solved. The Security Teams also prepares a security bulletin and coordinates the release date of the new extension version with the publication date of the bulletin.

Extension developers must not upload the new version of the extension before they received the go-ahead from the Security Team.

If you discover a security problem in your own extension, please follow this procedure as well and coordinate the release of the fixed version with the TYPO3 Security Team.

Further details about the handling of security incidents and time frames can be found in the official TYPO3 Extension Security Policy at