YAML coding guidelines

YAML is (one of the languages) used for configuration in TYPO3.

Directory and file names

  • Files have the ending .yaml.


  • Use spaces, not tabs
  • Indent with 2 spaces per indent level
  • Favor single-quoted strings (' ') over double-quoted or multi-line strings where possible
  • Double quoted strings should only be used when more complex escape characters are required. String values with line breaks should use multi-line block strings in YAML.
  • The quotes on a trivial string value (a single word or similar) may be omitted.
trivial: aValue
simple: 'This is a "salt" used for various kinds of encryption ...'
complex: "This string has unicode escaped characters, like \x0d\x0a"
multi: |
   This is a multi-line string.

   Line breaks are preserved in this value. It's good for including

   <em>HTML snippets</em>.

More information

  • See Setup IDE / editor in this manual for information about setting up your Editor / IDE to adhere to the coding guidelines.